The little things that mean the most

A friend called today
Another just wanted to say hey
Took the time to answer them
And in the end it made their day

It’s the little things that mean the most
From friends so far away

Sometimes we can’t always be right there
But it’s the way we show we care
A card a token a call

It may mean everything or nothing at all
But it’s the kindness and thought that on a low day
In the time of need that will ease the worlds pain

I’ll dedicate this one for you miss Hollyann!!! xo

Best Walmart Run. Ever.

Finally my visa arrived. As predicted it’s just a sticker in my passport. But I ran out to greet the fedex man and I think I caught him off guard as I’m sprinting out of the house in my pajamas. Meanwhile, Timmie was definitely inside laughing at me. Well then it sorta hit me that I should probably get everything together.. Like all together not just sort of. Lol. It took a while longer than expected but I was distracted… By wonderful phone calls from friends and planning a going away dinner with friends at my grandparents. I truly do have the most amazing support system anyone could ask for… And for those that couldn’t be here, I wish you could have been. I did have my going away moment at the house in Holdrege, knowing that I wouldn’t be back for awhile is hard to imagine, as I have spent the last month awaiting the next adventure and enjoying much needed time in a slower paced peaceful world.

It has hit me that my dream of living and working overseas is coming true A dream I have had for so many years and something I have worked so hard at and been patient for is finally happening… It is one of the most accomplished feelings I have ever had… It’s real life…reality… Fabulous as my friend Sara would say because I say it all the time!!

My flight info has come! I depart Omaha at 6:30 A.M Thursday Sept 8, connect to Denver, connect in LA, fly to Seoul…THEN I will be getting on a bus to Changwon…fingers crossed there are nooo traffic jams, or I may be using a random Korean’s cellphone to let my director know I will be late..

Cheers (with my pumpkin spice latte on this gorgeous fall day) to a safe flight! Next post location: SK (unless of course I get bored in LAX)

Functioning in 5 different time zones already…

As the clock strikes midnight I am frantically checking my emails and calling Korea because my director is now calling my recruiter to find out when I am supposed to be arriving. Then my recruiter thought it would be a food idea to fly me to Chicago to pick up my visa on Tuesday to fly out Wednesday. Unfortunately flights were 400$ yikes! I wouldnt want the school to spend that especially if I wasn’t guaranteed to have my visa given to me. So back to the waiting game and my schpeel of yes I will let you know as soon as I know, my recruiter was really excited that I called her.. sometimes emailing just gets hectic. Next weekend is a major holiday in Korea so if I don’t get there by Friday no one can pick me up, though I still think I will go and stay at a hostel or something.. the one I like still has openings. But we shall see… Seri,my recruiter, says I just have to make a plan for you! 🙂 Yesterday,I cheered on my Huskers at Memorial Stadium; my brother and I… Had a lot of fun being a part of the opening game for the Big 10. Our new conference, ironically they played Tennessee at Chattenooga where Abby is going this semestr. Thank goodness we won.. the day ended up being fall-like and so much cooler, built a bonfire in our backyard to close the night and had another one tonight with s’mores after steak. I’m thoroughly enjoying these last days of being spoiled at home. But I have helped mom out quite a bit to earn my keep 🙂 including getting up at the crack of dawn to make coffee cake on a Saturday morning! Be calm, pray and wait… That was my inspirational thought for today… I think it’s what helped me get through today.. I’m slowly allowing myself not to worry because there really isn’t anything I can do about the situation and there will be other moments like this too I’m sure and I just need to learn how to de stress and not be so concerned on how I’m going to control the outcome because ultimately I can’t. And that’s all for now… 🙂

kiss quick; stop talking…put your back into it

love Matt Nathanson…amazing music!

welll i finally got my visa number last wednesday and fedex’d everything on thursday. the Korean consulate in Chicago received it on friday. and now i just have to wait for my passport with my work visa to be sent back to me. the process should only take about 3-5 days. which means i will be leaving this weekend…as of now! 🙂

this weekend was exactly what i needed. my friends are the best and even those i didnt know quite so well still were so much fun to be around. my friend, Mandy, is getting married in October and i truly felt blessed that i was able to go to her bachelorette party and bridal shower. it was kinda an emotional weekend… her mother said the most beautiful graces and knowing what friendship meant to the group was amazing to be apart of.

i know this is short…but i will probably be writing more this week pending the visa…

Make you lose yourself, and finders keepers

Some days I take two hours to get out of bed and it’s out of pure laziness and pity. Once I’m up I’m fine and wonder why I just don’t get up when my alarm goes off. Lately it’s been the dread of how I’m going to be productive throughout the day; I’ve been back home and out of work for a month now, waiting for the next step to be complete. My patience is wearing thin! I’m sure I’ve mentioned before. I still have slivers of doubt that something may go wrong, I know I should have the faith that everything will turn out ok, but every time I have let myself do that in the past couple months something has turned up- it’s like I’m bracing myself in case I have to go with a different plan instead of enjoying the ride I’m on. I know I need to let go of the situation- it’s out of my control; I sent another check-in email last night and it could be another week.

In my readings (Grace for the Moment– Max Lucado) today it said…”[with one sacrifice] he made perfect forever those who are being made holy” Heb 10:14
Underline the word perfect. Note that the word is not better. Not improving. Not on the uprising. God doesn’t improve, he perfects. He doesn’t enhance, he completes…
Now I realize there’s a sense in which we’re imperfect. We still err. We still stumble. We still do exactly what we don’t want to do. And that part of us is according to the verse, “being made holy.”
I like this part…We still do exactly what we don’t want to do. I know whatever I did is wrong in my heart, but the humanity in me says otherwise, but I am still being made holy in God’s eyes and this is why I could never stop believing or loving Him. I’ve done so much wrong in my life and He saves me every time. I know I will continue to do wrong, but He catches me. He has a plan for me and He knows I will stray, but He knows I will come back to Him for directions. 
The reading continues…But when it comes to our position before God, we’re perfect. When he see each of us, he sees one who has been made perfect through the One who is perfect- Jesus Christ. (In the Eye of the Storm)

This past weekend was spent with my Grandmas. Grandma Jacobsen took Allison, Timmie, and I to The Help, a book made into a movie, that we all had read…it was really good! Saturday, Timmie and I drove to Norfolk to see my Grandma Fuehrer. Growing up we had always gotten a long better with Grandma Jacobsen than Grandma Fuehrer, but now she has really become a lot of fun to be around and talk to. Both my Grandmas are amazing and I know I’m blessed to have them very much a part of life.

Issac, my sister’s boyfriend, who is also friends with my Grandma Fuehrer, came to hang out with us too. I was very impressed he not only bought my sister’s lunch, but mine too…and he is fun to be around. I can tell my sister is really happy with him. (However, this also means my Grandmas ask me about their relationship…seriously? I’m not the one in it!… oh dear.) We drove around in the country and went four-wheeling…lovely Sunday afternoon. On the way home I went into the gas station to prepay with cash for my gas; the lady looks at me and says have you pumped your gas yet? and I say no, I thought I needed to pay first and she asks are you from the city? welll I’ve lived there for the past two years, but I’m from Holdrege, and she tells me, well out here you don’t have to prepay…oook.

On Thursday, I am meeting with my Youth Pastor I had in middle school. I am soo excited to see him; he was a huge motivator back then and I can’t wait to share what’s going on and to hear about him and his wife’s recent decision to adopt a little girl with down syndrome from the Ukraine! Then a friend’s bachelorette party at a winery to wrap up another week. Yay! (maybe I’ll find someone to take me…or just go anyway!) (smile) (gorgeous ocean)

Post: One Hundred (crazy!)

Today is my 100th post. Wow how time flies! Looking back on previous blog posts I can see how much I have changed and have figured out a direction to take with my life that has meaning and reason. Not only in career, but attitudes and habits and choices. Realizing what’s important in life and what is worth letting fade away. Knowing each person and event has brought me to the place I am today, but to not dwell on the specifics and move on to continue to grow and develop into the person God wants me to be. He has a plan for reaching people through my actions and I must learn not to force friendships because I want to be there, instead I must allow Him to work his way and let go of any selfish wants or dreams for my life.

I blog these thoughts… it’s so incredibly hard to follow through- I know what’s right. That is the beauty of being in a relationship with Jesus; He knows my heart and He knows how much I love Him, despite my weaknesses. He has brought each circumstance for a purpose and I know my life is on a much better path than 2 years ago; He is working, even though somedays I seem like a disaster, He is still there. 

I think I always knew what was going to make me feel good about myself, but until I was trapped in certain relationships and habits did I begin to look for a way out. I always believed and loved, but I didn’t commit and practice. Ever since I backed out of bad habits and started realizing that maybe there’s more of life that I deserve to have instead of low expectations and half assed commitments. Each day is still a battle with sin and what the world expects, but I know I have more strength to celebrate than be down.


I received the nicest email last night from my recruiter…



How are you? How do you feel thesedays?
Once you came to Korea you have to stay at least 1 year here in Korea.
Aren’t you sad?
Anyway don’t worry about it people around you including me will take care of you^^
Have a nice day!!



So this is my 100th post…I think I will have many more. Blogging has become an outlet for me, a way to gather my thoughts and destress. 🙂 

one misty moisty morning when cloudy was the weather…

Can you finish the Nursery Rhyme? 

My darling baby sister heads to the East Coast today. She is part of an “inter-state” exchange program through UNK and is spending the semester in Tennessee…Chattanooga, Tennessee. I tease her she will become a Southern Belle. She is handling leaving pretty well and I helped her pack last night…ok so basically I wrote her list out, packed a few things for her, and showed her how to use my GPS. We will only be 13 hours instead of 14 once I’m overseas (lol). But, I told her not to spend too much time on facebook or skype as she should be enjoying the experience of being away from Nebraska and making new friends.

This past weekend was spent in Omaha with a couple dear friends. Sometimes it’s so nice just to be with people who care about you…no words need to be said all the time and a wonderful feeling that is, especially with those who share the same beliefs and values. I love morning coffee, devotions, and walks! I also got to see Angie’s little girl Emma who I haven’t seen since she was just barely walking…absolutely adorable; she kept saying the funniest things…for example: I was pushing her through Target and she pulls Angie aside and whispers “momma, can you push, Megan’s too short to push me…” (after I had been pushing her cart all morning)  and then she just grins at me! silly little girl! 🙂

Currently, I am waiting for Korean Immigration to process my Visa Issuance Number; once received I can Fed-Ex my E2 Visa Application to the Korean Consulate so they can process the visa in my passport. I can’t think past today about it…I’m sick of obsessively checking my email to see if they have sent me updates when I fully know that part of the world is fast asleep! 

I am enjoying the cooler cloudy rainy Nebraska weather…60s/70s has been such a relief! 🙂

One misty, moisty, morning

One misty, moisty, morning,
When cloudy was the weather,
There I met an old man
All clothed in leather

All clothed in leather,
With a cap under his chin.
How do you do?
And how do you do?
And how do you do again?

Naps Chocolate and Beer

So the other day i had this really great blog ready to post and blogger became unavailable and disconnected, awesome. However maybe it was a good thing, my updates seem to change on a daily basis. But I do have a new update today! My documents are finally perfect to go to Korean immigration. And I signed a contract to teach in a satellite- suburb city near Gimhae. My visa still has to clear in the states before buying my plane ticket; nothing like last minute. As my dove dark chocolate wrapper stated the only certainty is smoothe chocolate. 🙂

I am so relieved that everything is coming together; I must admit I was in a bit of a funk the other day and feeling burned out. I’m getting antsy at home and anxious for this new chapter in my life to begin, I feel like I’ve been in limbo the last couple months not having my own space or routine. I would not however, give up the valuable time spent with family and friends. I am so grateful that I was able to just chill out and relax with them even though I’ve been a crazy person trying to figure everything out and trying to answer as many questions as I could even though I had no idea what would actually happen. Meanwhile I just sit around and move from couch to couch, inside to outside… Eating my sisters’ brownies and pies and my mother’s cooking, and sitting on the porch enjoying the summer rains while drinking beer… I don’t think I have ever done these things to the extreme like I have in the past few weeks at least running to maintain… Ha! According to Mia this is total “bender” style, just add the Jimmy Buffet and other island tunes and I’m set. This is my reality for August… Then I read my mothers status and it read: is it school time yet? I realize that’s ME too, my own class and all.. how exciting!!!

But thank goodness today is Friday and I get to spend the weekend hanging out with three dear friends. Now I can really relax the next week because now all I have to do is wait for my visa number!!! Yay!

I get to pick?!?

Last night I had another interview; except it was more like please let
Us know I’d you have any questions because you have the job. We talked for a bit it’s a good position like the others. But it’s inland; I don’t want to be picky when choosing a position I had my sights set on a coastal spot and Daejeon is definitely inland.
Then I wake up this morning; yep it’s 5 a, to another position that’s in Gim hae, close to Busan. The recruiter in SK that I’m working with is so sweet; she emails me and says you pick the one you like best to decide. She also wantse to visit her no matter what’s location I go to as I am her first guest since working there. I said of course because she has been so wonderful in helping me find something. 🙂

According to my friend Mia I am to go on a “bender”… So when I’m not interviewing or stressing out about interviewing I am bending.. not sure I’d that is the correct use but it’ll work… I’ve been listening to Jimmy Buffet, sitting outside in my sweatpants listening to the rain and enjoying the 66 degree weather. That alone makes me feel much better.

Yesterday afternoon my document finally came back from DC; this is what an apostilled document is suppose to look like… If only I would have known sooner. But theres no time for those thoughts.

you decide. i couldn’t pick a title.

clear blue skies
August 2: read the morning paper and drank my coffee; word scramble completed record time! and today’s horoscope said to relax, oh and it’s National Ice Cream Sandwich Day…and my brother is making me a bagel- toasted with raspberry jelly and peanut butter…

my documents were resent to AZ; so my roommates are overnighting them to NE so I can finish getting the correct seals. this would happen, right? All I can do is be patient, there was nothing I could do yesterday driving the 10 hour drive home, but keep my mind preoccupied.

i love this crazy tragic sometimes almost magic, awful beautiful life
at 11:00 p.m. I received an email from ATOP- the private school company; they have found a more suitable position regarding the start date…same type of teaching etc…and in a beautiful area of the city according to my supervisor as she lives in that part. So instead of my August 21 start date, I start on Sept 14th pending my documents can be taken care of in time! The pay is more and the hours vary per the summer/winter times…I am figuring out details regarding another interview and contract…

August 6th
Today is the first day my cousin’s last name is Manzer. She was a gorgeous bride yesterday. And despite the rain before the ceremony it turned out to be beautiful. The reception was a ton of fun and I taught my brother how to dance, he can already rap without my help. 
Being around another family made me realize how fortunate I am to have a n amazing family. Though functioning is relative…for each group makes the family work- maybe it’s not the way I was brought up or am used to or even agree with, but to respect and love the other is most important. My cousin deserves all the love and laughter in the world and I know Matt brings this to her. I think the nerves of acquiring new family members and new titles are normal wedding jitters…and she will be just fine.  

Maybe tomorrow we’ll start over; maybe tomorrow I’ll finally change my ways
August 8th I think all I did today was lay on the living room couch and then moved the the outside porch couch to listen to the rain…and went through boxes of childhood keepsakes and memories. Though it didn’t take long at all, the process of sifting through old pictures and throwing away unneeded papers was quite painful…old journal entries and photos were the hardest…I don’t look or act the same and having the memories triggered and having to recall emotions and guilt to erase them hurt; but a friend reminded me that I wouldn’t be the person I am today without the changes and Thank God they are only memories (now dumped in the trash and tucked away in my brain!).

I don’t wanna look back and wonder; If good enough could’ve been better
August 9th: This endeavor is becoming a day by day update. Apparently the director at the Busan school doesn’t need another teacher; I now have another interview tonight for a position in Daejeon (a metropolitan city near the center of Korea)…I keep telling myself it’s better to iron out all the issues before I go rather than to deal with them once I’m overseas…
Today is date day with my little sister Abby. we’re going to Kearney to hang out, meet her boyfriend, and see a movie…I’m so excited! She is going to Tennessee this fall and is leaving early next week.

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