She need a principal, not a substitute…

This week was a crazy one. But when life hands me lemons, I guess I’ll make lemonade vodka pie. With grey goose vodka at that. Tart, but sweet I must say. 

I received an email stating at the final stage my application was rejected to go to final contract. At 5:30 am I was a bit shaken up, but actually immediately thought that something was very wrong and there’s a definite reason for my application not going through. Maybe it was God’s wake up call to alert me that He is in control and has something better up His sleeve for me than I could even imagine…what it is I will have to wait and see! 🙂 My recruiter, Phil, says that EPIK lost a great candidate and I have a great attitude in figuring out my next plan to apply; he mentioned private schools in SK. Yes, I am still going! (Maybe to China, Georgia, or Thailand if SK doesn’t pan out right now…)

A positive attitude enables you to make the best of every situation, and that gives you power over your circumstances instead of allowing your circumstances to have power over you. -Joyce Meyer”

This weekend I had to say good-bye to Zahraa and her mother…it was really sad because I had spent almost every Saturday with them since April…
Then I had to say good-bye to the lady that does my nails…she kept saying next time you come back you ask for me so we can talk- I have not seen you in forever! I had to tell her I was moving, and she was like where so I told her. She is from Vietnam and kept saying you will come back, yes you will, America is the best. I just smiled. Then she said that she was going to miss me and as I was waiting for my nails to dry I started to tear up.

“travel often. getting lost will help you find yourself.”

My friend Shelby gave me this quote at work the other day, and I really liked it…each experience away from home gives a person a different perspective on life and provokes questions and inquires about circumstances unthought of before…a new outlook on life…a growing change inside and out…a new self-discovery or perhaps a change in heart or meaning for living…being in a new place (at least for me) opens my eyes to a new corner of the world, new light, and a new vision for what my life is going to be…

so when i close my eyes in a seafood market to inhale the salty air i’m not trying to get my bearings, i’m awakening senses to explore and see;or if i stop dead in my tracks on a switchback mountain trail, i won’t fall, but stand firm to feel the ground beneath;on a balcony at sunset i’m not looking for the horizon to know which direction i face, i’m mesmerized by the colors fading on the ocean water; i’m spinning on city street to unbalance my certainty, and i’m sinking into a sandy beach to unearth treasures buried deep…to find the something i’m searching for…

"I’ll See You When I See You and I hope It’s Someday Soon…" -Jason Aldean

“I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough, we must do. *Leonardo da Vinci”

So true these words. Knowing what you are capable of and having the will to go after what you want is just the start in acheiving goals. It’s the doing. The actual application of taking charge of change. Of new goals and aspirations…

It’s what the past year has consisted of…do do do. Figuring out next steps and applying myself to what needs to be done…no one can do it for me. and no one’s life is stopping for me…I am the one who has to make the change.

i have discovered space bags…what a convenience! 🙂 one suitcase is packed. another trip to goodwill..i am STILL getting rid of stuff…

thank goodness for folk/country music and wine…i guess what the evening wound itself into (after an afternoon of reggae-ton and rap), while i squeezed the air out of zip lock bags and kept going to the freezer for a bite of ice- cream that i decided to buy to ease the pain after buying a new suitcase. i’m so distracted. obviously. because I’m also trying on clothes and blogging. do you think the kiddies… (or the administrators…) would think it’s cool that their teacher came to class wearing a leather skirt (it’s not real it’s from like charlotte russe or something.) and a leopard print cardigan?…pry not…but i can’t part with it…so i decided to wear it while i pack. seriously.

but i actually really wished i was home sitting on my porch swing with Timmie eating stove- popped popcorn not in the 115 degrees. Note to self- when will you learn not to move when it’s so hot that you have sweat dripping down your legs after the AC is blowing and you haven’t even been working out? gross, right? nasty. *shudder* but then there’s the other extreme of -30 windchill and 5 feet of snow….ugh. Someday I will pick the perfect weather move-date. until then… maybe i should finish my glass of wine and go to bed. at least my pandora radio station is being good to me tonight! 🙂

i hate packing.

About 2 years ago (July 2 to be exact) I moved all I owned into my studio apartment. The red door. 720 E McKellips Rd D621 Tempe, AZ 85281. My home. Now as I pack everything back into boxes, donating the furniture to the IRC, I realize I can still fit everything I own into my car. It’s like one of those country songs about packing up everything and heading out west. Thank you Kenny Chesney.

I flip through San Diego brochures from my plans in early spring of 2009. One dream fulfilled, I made it to the coast on an amazing road trip with my sister, spent a few days on the beach and moved to Arizona where I have lived for 2 years. Funny how things change. Memories fill binders, the tangible takes up space, so I begin to pack my mind too. Storing away happy moments to make room for new. I must admit knowing I will only have 4 boxes and about 3 suitcases, a melancholy feeling sweeps over me. A “roamer” I was called by my cousin the other day. “you can just pack up and leave” she says. Yes, yes I can.
But I hate packing just the same. I think it’s because I’m ready enough for the next step in life’s journey, I’m just not ready to leave the place I’ve made my home for 2 years. And putting things into boxes not knowing when the next time I will open them. I remember packing spring of ’09. I had packed most of clothes and stuff, but then it comes to those awkward things that you don’t know whether to throw it away or keep it, and if you keep how will it fit in my car. So I just sat on my floor and dictated to my mother what to do with it. and cried. This time I’m by myself. No crying…well maybe a few sad tears when I leave my first apartment on my own…I’m learning to get over throwing things away and weeding out the junk I’ve accumulated. (As harsh as it may sound.)
I’m almost done…my stuff is packed…just need my clothes and shoes… 🙂

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