Thinking of a Career Change?

It’s never too late to try something new. These words echoed in my mind for over a year before I signed up for a health coaching certification program through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition®. I knew I needed to make a change. I had been abroad for over 8 years teaching English and I couldn’t bring myself to sign another contract. I was caught in routine, feeling stuck, and wanting to make a difference, but not knowing what my next step should be. So I signed up, not knowing what the next months would bring or if I would even be able to make such a big change.

Living in Shanghai was taking its toll on my mental and physical health, but how could I leave such a comfortable job, location, and city? How could I possibly rewrite my story to one that I could live completely in alignment with my values and beliefs and ultimately reaching my highest potential?

This is what I want to share with you. I did it! I left my teaching job, the conveniences and comforts of Shanghai, my routine, the life I had led for 8 years… to rewrite my story, to start fresh, to start living on purpose… for my highest purpose. And it was scary (it still is)! But, I have never felt so alive. I know that I am using my gifts to their fullest potential, that I am able to honestly share with you that you too, can embrace change, the unknown, the scariness. You are brave. You are courageous. And you deserve to live life to the absolute fullest!

Since signing up for IIN®’s health coaching certification program, I have learned so much about myself, the world around me, and how food can change everything. Not just the food I put into my mouth, but primary food: relationships, career, finances, physical exercise (just to name a few). I was amazed to learn how all this can impact my overall wellbeing.

I found this program to be real and inspiring. The modules provide observations and views about the current food trends and impacts that food has on the environment and each individual person. I would love to share this with you, how the importance of bioindividuality® can have on your food choices and what simple changes you can make today to optimize your daily life.

Bioindividuality® is the term used to set each individual apart when it comes to both primary and secondary foods. “One person’s food may be another’s poison”. This means what works for someone, may not work for another; for example, one may be able to tolerate dairy, but someone else cannot, maybe one person prefers to eat meat, others may choose to eat vegan, still others eat paleo or keto or gluten-free. What’s important to note is that each person is unique in their own ideas, ways of eating and lifestyle choices. Another key concept is understanding your body and what you eat now may be different in one month, six months, a year or five. By giving your body permission to change with the seasons, your environment, and trying different ways of eating allows your body to continue to heal itself, to remain healthy and to absorb the nutrients that it needs to optimally function.

Sometimes understanding what your body needs takes time. It’s scary to try new foods, new ways of eating, and to incorporate new habits into your daily life. I have been there in the experimenting and have learned to accept how my body has changed over the years. I know it takes time and patience to listen to what my body needs. By incorporating a holistic, more intuitive approach to eating, I have found balance both in my physical body, but also my mental and emotional states.

If you’re struggling with understanding your body’s needs or would like guidance as you make these lifestyle changes, I would love to help. As your health coach we would be able to assess your wellness goals. I would be a support as you create new habits. I would help you understand your bioindividual connection between primary and secondary foods.

If you think a career in health coaching may be for you or you want support and guidance on your current health journey, visit to learn more!

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