March Madness 2017

Welcome to my updated blog website!

My New Year’s Resolution was to learn a new skill so I’ve been learning about web design and search engine optimization. For a non-tech savvy person like myself, I highly recommend WordPress, for their customer service and tech help is amazing! The specialist who has been assisting me is just the best…because basically I freak out when I accidentally delete something I haven’t saved after hours of trying to figure things out…turns out there’s a way to recover all lost data. Needless to say it’s been a great transition to this new platform despite lots of frustration.

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted so let’s start with the week of March 7th . This week in Shanghai: so much rain over the weekend, but today the sun came out. Wonderful…now if the days would just keep getting warmer. The sporadic weather makes kids crazy and in turn makes teachers crazy too. I mean yes, child, please do shred your paper into tiny balls and throw them across the room; and yes, when we play “head and shoulders, sit down-stand up” please by all means stand on your chair and act like you’re king of the hill. Never mind when I stand with a piece of chalk at the board to draw a star it’s dead silence, but if I move one inch, the chaos continues. Perfect pure entertainment. It’s Friday, right? No.

March lessons include learning about personality types and debating. So far this semester is better. I implemented a contest. Whichever team earns a 100 points first gets a prize, once every team earns 100 points then the class gets to decide on going outside for a lesson or watching a movie. It’s worked wonders. The students are more attentive and productive, even the weaker students are participating. What a relief!

On Monday (the 14th) I went to my first boxing class at Aboro. (Gloves and all!) We were paired up once we learned the jabs and cross technique. My partner and I were speaking Chinese and English and laughing so much! Maybe more laughing than punching. It was so much fun and I hope I can go to another class soon.

Last week. Well, about a week and half ago, Ed Sheeran dropped a new album. Um yes, all of it. Just listen. So good. From slow to fast, rap to African sounding beats…definitely something for everyone. He really needs to come to Shanghai. But obviously tell me first as there’s 24 million people here and tickets go fast. That being said he will be in Omaha, Nebraska in the fall. All my Nebraska peeps should probably go. Anyways, his album got me through a crazy week and a mental health day. My fave tune? “Barcelona.”

I know I’ve said it before but mental health days are a must in my vocabulary. They should be in yours too. My mental health day was supposed to be productive. And it was in ways of going to  a 7 a.m. spin class at becycle: “not a spin class, but a cardio party,” followed by a long chat with a USA friend over breakfast, then home to get ready before heading out to get my hair conditioned (it’s super dry…it misses island humidity) and meet a friend for lunch at Sumerian Coffee, and a tutoring session. Such a good day off that lead to an even more academically productive weekend of online classes and reading.

Now we’re in February. The first two weeks of the semester were slow after arriving back from Chinese New Year holiday. On the 4th of February, my dear sister got married in Arizona at the Desert Botanical Gardens. Gorgeous day, beautiful ceremony, Congratulations T2! Much love. Before heading to Arizona, I was in Nebraska for about 10 days in the sweet silence of my parent’s house in our small town. It was absolutely glorious. Night and day, black and white difference compared to Shanghai. I could see the stars, breath the fresh air, and stretch my eyes on the snowy fields. The brilliant colors of the wintry sunrise and sunset are etched in my mind.


And now, today, the 25th of March, I participated in open enrollment activities for my school in the morning and have been working on my blog, reviewing a project for a friend, and writing a guide to Shanghai! I’m so excited about these projects, but thrilled to have built this site myself. It may need some tweaking, but it’s on it’s way!

bohemian summer style
fresh white yoga studio
zen night.
seriously..wake up!
becycle crew!
what goes on around my apartment
RAWK! a healthy food delivery service.
electric bike takeover

That’s all for a scatterbrained daily life recap! I’ll be posting more soon! 🙂


stand and look pretty! Open enrollment day.
rain or shine; these fried noodle are the best!


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