PELIKAN, a restaurant by mr. willis

Impeccable. Really the only word to describe the service and dishes at Pelikan, a Nordic inspired restaurant in the Shanghai food scene. Located at 225 Xikang Lu, a popular side street in the Jingan District of Shanghai. This restaurant offers a full wine list ranging from white and reds and sparklings from Italy, France, Austria, Spain, New Zealand, Australia, and others. (Don’t worry, if the list is too overwhelming for you, a wine flight is offered). The menu, an exquisite list of appetizers and cheeses, but most importantly a personally prepared Chef’s set menu. This 4 set course menu and dessert offering proved to be the best choice. And oh the flavors. I can’t even…

First course: smoked salmon tartars with mustard and dill glazed carrots

Second course: seared scallops with cauliflower and oyster cream

Third course: plaice fish fried on the bone with black kale, grilled shrimps, and shrimp sauce with pickled dill

Main course: *we substituted the braised pork belly for Australian sirloin with black garlic, grilled kale, and roasted onion sauce

Dessert: baked white chocolate puffet, chamomile paffet, bitter yogurt powder and dark chocolate (oh the creaminess and blended crunchiness all in one decadent dessert; the bitter dark chocolate and the sweet white…perfection)


The manager, Aleksandra, was amazing. She made sure our food was cooked to perfection and inquired about our satisfaction. Basically the best manager ever, such personable service.

And make sure you at least take a sip of their homemade Limoncello. Though I’ve never been to Italy, I could have been whisked away in a sip of this refreshing *muah* taste of Italy. (basically insert an Italian accent and a kissing gesture and you have that taste in a glass). Dreamland of a summer breeze in a white dress in the Italian countryside. Yes, please.


*Disclosure, I am usually not a fan of seafood, so if you are questioning your like for seafood, I can assure you that this is the restaurant of choice. My friend and co-taster, loves seafood and she also enjoyed this place.*

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