Azul: Peruvian Tapas on Ferguson Lane

So my friend and I had this awesome conversation about living in Shanghai. We live in an International city, full of amazing cuisine. And being as we both love fine food (or just food in general as long as it is scrumptious in flavor, texture, presentation, Etc.) and wine… (or specialty cocktails and  don’t forget coffee: basically, coffee…then wine, really no in between time) Our goal? One new restaurant per week. Trust me, in this city it can be done. Here goes.

Brunch Review: Azul
Location: Peruvian/Spanish Tapas on Ferguson Lane, French Concession, Shanghai.
A gray cold Sunday about 12 o’clock…thank goodness we made reservations as the place was quite busy. “Tapas” were slightly misleading as the menu was set up in courses and full entrees and less of ordering a bunch of things to share. The brunch was mediocre, but we took the waiter’s recommendation and ordered flan dessert. This did not disappoint, neither did the red sangria. Definitely  not a “top” brunch spot, but worth a visit for a cozy atmosphere, the flan, and an excuse to walk around on this quieter street of Shanghai.
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

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