Road Trips and Reunions: (part 2) Arizona and Bend, Oregon, with some NE mixed in between

keeping cool.
teal vibes.
and all that fresh air and blue skies.

Let me back up to the first week of August..SISTERS Reunited! Fun photo session and sister laughs, really can’t beat that. A successful 18 hour road trip with the parents in the books. United States of America, you are beautiful. Your open skies provide stretching for the eyes and soothing for the soul.


This coffee makes shopping that much better!


She found a dress.
It’s really pretty.

Check out our sister photo sesh below:



Back in Nebraska: Dinner at Bison Witches and Jake Owen/Chase Rice concert. I really do have the best of friends. Love these ladies dearly.



Nothing like some sexy country men and music. 😉

So back to that LAX airport…I was on my way to see my brother for a couple days before our 21 hour drive back to Nebraska. He surprised me and arrived at the airport to pick me up right on time instead of me waiting for a couple hours until he got off work! Yay! We hiked Smith Rock, beer in hand. Stunning 360 views of the surrounding towns, Cascades in the distances, and river below.

Bend, Oregon. Places to go:

Deschuttes Brewery: one of dozens of local breweries. But this one is noted as a top one. Go here for the Chainbreaker, a white IPA. Ice-cold to perfection.

10 Barrell Brewery: an outdoor patio, but no such luck for us. instead we sat inside with the sun beaming down on us for a hot experience. thank goodness for beer, right? Cucumber crush was their summer sour.

Sunriver Brewery: a more pleasant experience. chill music. shaded and cool. and those appetizers were AWESOME. Fried avocado and bacon wrapped grilled pineapple. And the beer was pretty good too. Done and done.

Spork: omg. an array of exotic cuisine brought to America. love love love. Go here for tasty dishes. We split the Korean BBQ short ribs. And drank their twist on a G and T. Crazy food, crazy cocktails, get here early to line up. Outdoor seating available for Bend’s perfect summer evening weather.







my brother is the best. love ya Jake!
Back home. Testing out brother’s variety of craft beer.



And Today? The best email. Ecstatic. THESIS APPROVAL.


Summer made.
Life is good. Patio sitting is the best.
And all that jazz.


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