Another side to Shanghai: graffiti and artsy things

And…the abroad life continues…

I recently accepted a contract to teach at a bilingual school. Hello Shanghai for another year of teaching. I am looking forward to this opportunity! I will be teaching Oral English at the high school level in the international department and helping the students prepare to go abroad for further study. Another challenge, as I have little experience teaching this grade level. The hours are “normal” teaching hours which is something “new and different” for me! I’m excited to see what the city has in store for me a second year.


another picture of Grandma and me


Bre can read Chinese…
We found a Starbucks!


traditional Qipao for a Chinese wedding



blue skies can exist

For my Oral English final project I am having the students find and interview a foreigner…best idea ever. I can’t wait to read their final reflections! *Note: this project entailed the students writing an interview questionaire of ten questions, videoing 5 minutes of the interview, and a 200-300 words reflection. They will have to share their videos and reflections of their experience in small groups.




May 25th. Wednesday wishing of Bali beach days…However, green looks good on you, Shanghai…



Another side to Shanghai. Graffiti, pancakes, and art stuff. Took a stroll through the M50 art district and saw some cool works, ate pancakes at a diner, and went to the Magnum ice-cream shop!










blueberry pancakes with
ricotta cheese… yum


Magnum ice-cream shop



Sunny days were frequent this past week…



I deciphered this breakfast promotional poster; now I can get coconut cake and a small coffee for 14Y


mango and sticky rice is my favorite Thai dessert
it’s what happens when you stay inside all day and
need something tropical…

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