more days in my Shanghai life= street food, metro rides, cafes, and teaching!

I give to you my soul’s ambition, you have become my life’s obsession. The praise song echoes in my head weeks later…And I think…on the days I try and be in control I feel trapped and unsatisfied with the life I’m living, but the days I surrender and don’t try to justify my feelings or situations I feel at peace. For faith is believing in something that you cannot see, having faith that He is in full control of my life gives me a calm heart and mind and confidence to keep living for Him, knowing He will take care of me.

The second semester of teaching started February 24th. 18 weeks of class. Stay tuned for updates and stories. My new class is Debate and I will continue with my same Oral English students. I also have Saturday classes back, thank goodness! The class? Public Speaking, meaning my lessons are basically planned from last semester’s class. Before these classes were confirmed, I traipsed around the city going to various part-time interviews… thus discovering various metro stops, street foods, and cafes! Even though those days were seemingly unproductive and tiring, I was able to see different areas of Shanghai, so that’s a plus.



Lately, I’ve spent hours in cafes lesson planning and reviewing my thesis work… I found my favorite…the lady is so sweet and the coffee and pies are delicious! Please note, these cafes are not in my neighborhood and I travel between an hour and an hour and a half around and across the city to find these cozy places. That’s city living. That’s also living at Shanghai South Railway Station. As you can see on the subway map above from SSRS to Jing’an (where yoga is) is a good 30 minutes…however, from my apartment on campus it’s a 30 minute walk to the metro station. Bundle up and go explore…and no excuses to go to yoga, right? What I do to pass the time…subscribe to Spotify for offline listening and think about life and randomly text people metro happenings!

Sunday February 28th. This morning I called my best friend back in Nebraska to wish her daughter a Happy 8th Birthday! Emma and I have a special bond…I’ve known her mom since we were in high school and have stayed close friends over the years. I used to visit her in Omaha while she was on bed rest and ever since Emma was born, I knew she was gonna be a special kid. During FaceTime today, she says “Megan, I miss you. When are you coming home so we can hang out?” and…”Megan, I wish you were here today, but actually I wish I was visiting you in China. One day I’m gonna come see you in China!” Love this girl.

Spent the day catching up on schoolwork and meeting with my advisor with Jazmine. We have the same one and feel so lucky to have such a personable and helpful advisor! Got some things clarified for this upcoming semester, so hopefully the writing goes well this summer.

As I left the metro this evening… I felt like a local after saying 你好 (hello) to the driver, climbing on the back of a motorcycle without telling him my destination, and getting dropped off at my apartment entrance. ‪I’m becoming …ahhh!!!

Reflecting the week: Fiqah and I found another stellar cafe! And it has a patio for when it becomes warmer. Yay! Paras Coffee. 55 South Shaanxi Lu by Xinle Lu. So great! Check them out for an amazing Rum Cocoa Crepe Cake, Cheesecake, Eggs Benedict, or a Beef Burger with Pineapple…and Lattes of course!







Great first days back to teaching…Debate, Oral English, and Saturday Public Speaking to English Minors. One of my students (who translated my survey) treated ME to coffee on Saturday so she could speak in English…I brought her back something cute from Thailand. I’m so grateful for her and 4 other students’ help! One lucky teacher right here.

New songs this week: lots of latin beats and workout jams.

Another great brunch place. Apparently brunch is a must-do activity in Shanghai. So many great places! 16 weeks=16 new places. Ready, Go!


It’s called Green and Safe. The first floor is more of a bakery and organic grocery store with a few places to sit. The second floor has an abundance of seating and windows to let the afternoon sunshine in! A great place to sit and chat for a few hours. They offer a variety of pastas, sandwiches, salads, and snacks. Take Line 7, Changshu Road, Exit 7,  Turn Right, walk down Baoqing Lu until you reach Daoping Lu. Turn Left. Address: French Concession.



Friday, March 4th. It’s been a emotionally draining day. After submitting about 5 assignments plus thesis revisions, I’m exhausted. My vocabulary consists of reiterated, commented, stated, mentioned, and I think…I can’t find any other acronyms right now.

March 6th. Sunday yoga. 3.5 hours. Aiyaya. But a good workout before indulging in brunch at O’Delice. Seriously though. This cute brunch place is so French and quaint it’s ridiculous. And the menu. Crepes galore. And coffee and croissants. I couldn’t ask for more! Did I mention they have a patio? Beautiful church service to end the day. Oh yeah…and I made Pad Thai. Like with a sauce packet. But it’s still an upgrade from spaghetti and meatballs, right? The rice noodles could have been softer. I’ll improve that for next round.

Cherry Blossoms on Campus=



Wednesday jams and dropped off disposable cameras…cannot wait for vacation pictures to be developed…!!!



one of those rainy lazy days… view from the couch.

Today, March 10th was a long day…caught a 6:45 a.m. bus to the campus I teach at (Fengxian), taught 2- 90 minute classes of Oral English then co-taught a debate training with my Chinese colleague and friend over lunch, then continued with 2 more 90 minute classes of Oral English. After classes, my friend and I had dinner and walked out to a gorgeous springtime after the pouring rain and a dark clouds. We judged impromptu speeches and a debate this evening then caught the 9p.m. bus back to Xu Hui! What an eventful day! Inspirational and days like today remind me of the reasons why I teach.

Today’s lesson was on diversity and I presented the Humans of New York project and had a “A Day in the Life..” activity. They loved it…quotes from the day consisted of “how do they make their hair like that (in regards to dreadlocks, they’d never seen them before!)” “stranger’s stories inspire me” “learning about others’ lives helps us be tolerant of other cultures” “ordinary people’s lives are much more interesting than celebrities” “I can relate to these people more even though they don’t look like me” “I would participate, but I fear I would have nothing interesting to say unless he asked me a good question, oh and I don’t want my picture taken, but I really think this is a positive thing!” “looking at these pictures broadens my thoughts about the world” “we only look in our circles so hearing other’s stories helps the circle become bigger” Woah.
Plus everyone always loves a little “micro fashion” to go awww… 

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