Phuket in Pictures




A picture is worth a thousand words, right? No perfect words to describe the islandy teal waters, touristy bling, heavenly sunsets, sweat in power yoga 2 hours a day, or the chill deep house lounge music while the sun sinks and I sip my wine. Though the beaches were crowded, it felt good to have the sand beneath my toes and the salty air on my skin. Oh how I love the endless ocean waves meeting the sky and shore. Phuket, you are busy and crazy, but your ocean is still beautiful.
at Maya Bay
because outside the boat…
wind in my face
salt on my lips
nothing but the waves in my ear
with the everlasting oceanic horizon
is magical
I took a day trip on a fast boat among the islands, swam in a lagoon, landed at Maya Bay (where The Beach was filmed— side note, I’m now reading the book and then will see the movie, but let’s just say the first 50 pages are uhhh… interesting.) But at least I have a distinct picture in my mind of that water). Met some super cool people on the boat. Fun fact #1: out of the 5 boats on the tour, mine was the only English speaking boat…the other 4 were Chinese. People from Brazil, Singapore, the U.K., and Australia were on board. Fun fact #2: when you give Turkish men grief about their cigarette smoke in your face while you’re trying to enjoy the ocean breeze with my attitude (you all know that I can’t hide my looks) they ask you if it’s ok to hang out with you the rest of the day. The world makes sense again. Fun fact #3: I love sweating during yoga. And Thai- speaking yoga is like music to my ears. Seriously some of the coolest sounds and accents ever. Best workout… Nothing like going on vacation to get healthy. In addition, I had a daily green smoothie and tried some mango chia seed pudding. So good. Fun fact #4: Mango smoothies will always be my favorite and so are headstands on the beach. Fun fact #5: Though I do most traveling alone, sometimes it’s so nice to share pretty places with friends and it also means sipping peppermint tea and listening to country music  and having last minute dance parties at…10 p.m. in our super comfortable hotel room…because we can! So glad we could vacation in Phuket, Kassi!!!
what this island-country girl
properly identified
and opened
funky tuk tuk riding
Thai Iced Tea
7-11 style cafe
Happy Chinese New Year
the best fruit bar ever.

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