Mind…Body…and Soul Days…

Saturday October 17th

This week has been a challenging week trying to get back into a routine after the holiday schedule. Saturday classes are tough to wake up for, and I was up at 4:30 putting last minute ideas on a powerpoint. (my fault!) In my Listening and Speaking class for English minors, our topic for the next few weeks is “Where in the World?” Last week’s country was Malaysia. This week I decided to be the “video” and give a presentation about my experience in Chile. I was nervous. Sometimes I blab too much, and I was afraid they would be disinterested or unresponsive. I received the exact opposite. They loved it. After each aspect, I had them do a “partner share” about each topic, comparing and contrasting it with China, their thoughts, opinions, and comments. I encouraged them to ask their partner questions about what they saw (brilliant). The students were so enthusiastic about learning about a new culture and were thankful for the opportunity to broaden their horizons. I showed them the Chanco Winter Camp 2013 lip dub video…they picked out words from the song they recognized…they fully enjoyed the video. And I got all teary eyed…proud of my Chinese students, proud of my Chilean students, and missing everything and everyone and becoming all nostalgic about life. My heart is so full and once again I am encouraged that I am right where I need to be and that this is my passion, and I truly enjoy what I do. It’s truly a special occasion when I can share my pictures, stories, and experiences, and open up my students’ eyes to the world around them, as well as introduce them to unfamiliar places. What an amazing, inspiring day of teaching! πŸ™‚

I also bought a blender and made my first green smoothie in a while today. The blender will take some getting used to, but it works. I made a smoothie with plain water, ice, spinach, mango, orange, and pineapple! Very refreshing and citrusy. I did have some more energy, but more importantly I didn’t feel nauseous this morning. Now I just have to get my hot plate working so I can make eggs… slowly, but surely my healthy eating habits will be back!




Last night I went to yoga after being absent for almost a full week, and not practicing my Ashtanga series for over a week. And it was a much needed class. I *almost* did a headstand by myself. Got a note of encouragement that I had improved so much. I adore my teacher. She is the best.

my city lights.
somedays they get the best of me.
but I’m an overcomer.

Sunday, October, 18th.

Today was a Body.Mind.and Soul day.

Limbo time!

I invited one of my Shanghai bests to yoga today. I was so excited for her to try yoga for the first time. It was a great class! We had a coffee chat afterwards before I started studying and completing homework assignments. I went to church later in the afternoon.


spices and a Thai snack πŸ™‚
Thanks Jazmine!



Open the Eyes of my Heart Lord…I want to see You…these lyrics rang in my ears for the first time in middle or high school…years ago…I would have never thought I would be singing these among an international congregation in a church in Shanghai. God is Good. He is a Good, Good, Father…and His Love Never Fails. These lyrics…these melodies…I am exactly where I need to be. Cheers to another week in Shanghai!

Woah another week has passed…and now it’s October 26th… Week in photos kind of helps illustrate. If you could only listen to my spotify station then you’d get a glimpse of my scattered-brained-ness. (Is this a word? I hope so.)

Received a lovely postcard from a dear friend
and a red envelope for editing a lady’s translation paper
Makes for a great Thursday!

Yesterday (Sunday) was another Mind.Body.Soul day. So wonderful to spend with fun friends…yoga, study, and church! I am so blessed. I have friends…that go to church with me. Amazing. Indonesia was the start of this blessing and it is continuing, strengthening my heart and soul. Today, I spent the afternoon with Pan, my Chinese friend. She spent last year in the states in Pennsylvania…and is my go-to person for any questions. It was such a lovely afternoon exploring back-alley historical streets of Shanghai. Quaint shops, red bricks, touristy trinkets, and a plethora of patios to have afternoon tea or a cold one.

I found pumpkin goodness in Shanghai!



study sesh~


one of my favorite parts of the lesson…introducing WORDS


On traveling to Spain…the country of the week!


must try this restaurant!







Balcony cafe in Tianzifang

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