Shanghai: Magic City. 上海, 魔都

Reflecting on last Thursday… my students like the Big Bang Theory, travel, and country music. I found the New York Times crossword puzzle in my Chinese-English Newspaper. My toilet is broken, I have a paper with observations and graphs due Saturday and all day I couldn’t help but wonder, how did I manage to get on the 6:45 a.m. bus this morning AND take a picture of the sunrise? Disoriented. Hot mess.

I can’t believe it’s Monday (Sept 21st)  again. Weekend recap: MAIS Banquet with Shanghai and Hangzhou crew. It was good to see everyone and chat. Worked on homework. Shopped for fall clothes. Did yoga. Completed more homework assignments. Sometimes I feel guilty for even walking around the city or sitting outside with a glass of wine without homework. So I cart my homework most places in case I have a free half hour or so to study. I always feel behind on everything.

Read my students’ learning journals this morning. They are amazing. Enthusiastic to learn, excited about their first foreign teacher, and ready to improve! Having a bad day? Have your students do learning journals and you will feel. all. the. love. and encouragement. Do it. Especially in this grad school season MAIS friends.  We will get through this year!

On a bright note, I was able to translate the fact that my toilet is still broken, and I think it’s finally fixed. Happy Day.

My professor from Concordia observed my classroom. It went so well and I am very pleased with my students’ responses…he gave me great suggestions and pointers. A very successful day.

A few days ago I got my hair deep conditioned and then ate a family owned wonton shop. The food is stored in plastic bags, orange plastic chairs circled around patio tables, and a baby sat on the table. I find comfort in places like this. I absolutely love the fact that I can eat a whole meal at a family-owned restaurant for $3 or at a 5-star restaurant the very next night.

An old friend was in town and we drank wine and ate dinner at The M on the Bund. What an amazing time of catching up, city light views while dining on the balcony, and delicious food! Actually, kind of a crazy story, I met this friend when I was living in AZ and he was in town from NYC at a business meeting. We hung out that weekend and said goodbye. Every once in a while we will check-in to see where we are because he knows I travel and he does too for business. This time his business brought him to Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong, so we were able to meet up for the evening.

Love these life happenings, you never know when or where you will see someone again.

Three times this week I was told Shanghai is a magical city…a friend, my Uber driver, and the guy shampooing my hair. Anything is possible. 魔都 (Mó dōu)

P.S. Uber is amazing and everyone should use it. Super nice people, super nice cars, and sometimes you just need a break from the hustle and bustle- pushing and shoving in the metro!

Coffee and Wine.








caramel affogato at Starbucks…
we don’t have pumpkin 😦



wechat message…translated!


which mask to choose?



candlelit yoga…



Jingan Temple


grad school


clear night tonight in SH


Rain doesn’t stop these motorbikes!
hair salon…


Wonton restaurant scene
city life means changing from school clothes
to dinner clothes…
in the metro bathroom…
pretty pink bathroom, right?

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