"Real Connection with Poor Connection"

Kuala Lumpur. This city has been on my radar for a few years now. See post a couple years back when I did a blog title series on country capitals. Went for a weekend to renew my visa. Sat by a Malaysian on the way and we chatted about his life in Malaysian and his Indian heritage and the food and what to see. He bought me Malaysian food on the plane since I didn’t have any Ringgits (Malaysian currency). How nice. He introduced me to his friend who helped me navigate the public train from the airport to the city center since it was at night.

I took a cab from the central station to my hotel. Arriving at night is my favorite time…Sparkling City Lights of skyscrapers and the Petronas Towers from KL Sentral down Jalan Ampang…

I stayed at the Nomad SuCasa. It was a bit more like apartment style rooms and a tad older. However, it was located on Embassy row, a prime location for international cuisine and right across the street from a yoga studio. During the day I shopped (yay Victoria’s Secret and H and M!) and walked around the city. In the afternoon I did yoga. Then had to decide what to eat…I had Arabian cuisine…hummus and Turkish marinated grilled chicken. Yumm. I probably should have had authentic Malaysian cuisine. But I wanted something different than rice. And I just wanted to take it easy…having a huge room and comfortable bed…half the time I just wanted to relish in the comforts of my hotel room! After that I walked back to the subway station to go a station over to view the famous Petronas Towers. Beautiful city lights and fountains surrounding the area. Very modern and shiny. It was fun to be in the city for a day! Such a switch up from my current location. (I mean the taxi driver wanted to give me change back?!! and there were sidewalks!) It was a good 36 hours in the city…back to Makassar on Sunday!

morning perch at DOME cafe

am I the only one who notices how the light
hits the building windows
and sends diamonds cascading down?

Sitting outside at a usual cafe (Zodiac Cafe). I found this song playing on the stereo. Fabulous. Makes me want to dance and feel free on this Friday afternoon of recapping and thinking about the past couple weeks and the weeks ahead. Today started off breezy and cool, even a few drops of rain…soon it turned to blue skies and heat blew through the cool breeze. hot hot hot! So glad I don’t have to work until 2 today. Allocating hours for an event on Saturday.

Real Connection with Poor Connection.” My dear Taiwanese friend titled this blog so perfectly. No matter where we are in this world the connections you make with people should be real…the conversations. the laughs. the words of advice. Real. No matter how often technology shakes up the connection to blurred words and fuzzy pictures…I know she and others are real friends. For communicating with me despite challenging connections. For listening to my real stories of the goats, bugs, everyday happenings, and so much more.

Hard to believe I only have 3.5 weeks left here. You all know how I get when I leave a country. And this time is no different. A mixture of anticipation, excitement, sadness, and other emotions that basically make me crazy. Advanced apologies are in order. You know how hard it is to leave the kiddos, friends, and the life I’ve made for 7 months? It’s a challenge and struggle that is hard to explain to most people. Despite being pretty sick my first few months and the rocky start and ups and downs throughout…I have made this place livable and “home” in the end.

Lazy Saturday night. Rain. Old Photos. Peace and Quiet. And My Reflections. I danced in the pouring rain today. Sometimes you just gotta do that. Yesterday I tried a traditional afternoon snack from a cart called Es Putar. Ice-cream, avocado, jack fruit, tapioca, and brown sugar powder. Yummy! My friend calls me “completely and totally” Indonesian. To me, this is the highest compliment. For immersing myself into another culture can be awkward. I don’t fit in and people stare, ask questions, and perhaps don’t think I appreciate things about their culture. But I try. So hard. To blend in. To try new things. To learn. To be apart of their everyday lives as a friend. Because the people are the most important thing about living in another country. I am privileged to have met each and every one of them. 

OH Yes! I almost forgot…last Monday! One of my kids had said to me in a previous class (the Unit is on Food)

“Miss, donuts are yummy, I like donuts. And coffee. I like cafe.” You know what kiddo? Me too. “Miss I will bring you a donut.” Fabulous. So we had donut day with these silly kids.

And during progress test grading I found this reading gem…Nebraska History!


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