"Let’s Take a Photo"

Background on the title: “Let’s Take a Photo” is a Small Star Level (age 4-6) video in Unit 2 about Family. My co-teacher and I made a joke about it one day and started saying “let’s take a photo.” The video is silly and fun…it’s about the Small Star characters pointing out family members in a photo and then taking one of their own and describing themselves as happy, angry, or excited…

Bara Beach

Taking photos. Taking good photos. Taking candid photos. Taking landscapes photos. I love capturing a moment. To remember. To share.

But taking photos does not replace the emotions swarming in your mind when the photo is being taken. It doesn’t replace the depth of the valley or the vastness of the sea. You must feel, see, and be captivated by this yourself. A photo is merely a memory to reflect on these senses deepening your capacity to feel and understand and see things beyond normalcy.

I will never fully be able to capture the slivers of teal or the shimmering crystal clear water or the millions of sunlit diamonds. But I took a photo to try. To try to show the colors, the depth, the beauty. I am awestruck.

Because even though I smile and take photos…in my mind there are a million emotions flooding through. Of places I should be. Like Home. With family. Especially during these days.

A photo doesn’t do the streaming sunlight through a cafe window on a clear blue sky day justice. The happiness feeling…the joy felt despite the sadness…it doesn’t show the strength…the mentality needed to live each day to the fullness. It only provokes these feelings when seen.

Provocative photos. Of brilliant colors, lights, smiles, dimples of laugh out loud smiles…not the provocative photos you may think of, but the unbelievable amount of beauty in a photograph that provokes extreme feelings.

Kirana~ formal Bahasa used in literature…
meaning light and rainbow:
a symbol of hope and promise
Thanks Lini for your handwriting!

kids just wanna have fun!

8 am smiles!

strength. endurance. breathe.
peace of mind.

my Indonesian bestie
love this lady! 
rambutan!! yum~

Just a goat eating durian
in a trash pile on the beach

breakfast at the beach bungalows

my dear dear friend…you inspire me so!

breakfast view

just a random boat trip
morning snorkeling
clear water…sunshine!

Bira and Bara Beach are located about 5 hours from Makassar by car. We stayed at Nusa Bira Indah Cottages. We arrived late on Friday night. The next day we spent lounging around Bira Beach and a beach near a coconut grove. The beach was floury white sand…once you got past the bit of trash and a couple goats rummaging through the piles…it was beautiful. Clear and clean waters all around! It was so relaxing and the perfect getaway from the busy city of Makassar! For dinner, we ate at a decent restaurant called Salassa…we made our dinner order a couple hours in advance. It was delicious traditional Indonesian cuisine. The next morning a few of us in the group woke up early so we headed to Bara Beach Bungalows to have breakfast overlooking the ocean. YUM! They served an American-style breakfast complete with eggs, toast, fresh orange juice, and smooth black coffee. And an absolutely stunning view! During breakfast, a man offered to take us out on his boat for swimming and snorkeling. A delightful morning even though I went swimming in my regular clothes because I didn’t wear my swimsuit to breakfast! Ohh well…the water was incredible..the clearest I have ever seen. Such a peaceful sunny morning at the beach. On the way home, we stopped at Appalarang, a place for cliff diving… don’t be fooled by the internet pictures; though it’s beautiful, there was a lot of trash in the ocean and it was a dirty area with lots of people…the drive down was a bit tricky too. We stopped a couple more hours later at a quaint seaside resto called Kampoeng Nelayan. A good selection of traditional Indonesian dishes and according to the others, (I don’t eat fish) great seafood. Pretty views of the sunset to end our weekend road trip to the beach!

lime green and teal.

group photo!

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