back to the basics.

Sometimes. You just need a moment. At the cross. Draped in purple cloth. Awful fluorescent lights glowing behind it. But the simplicity. Of a random room in a government building. A foreign language understood only through urgency, expression, and emotion. A message translated by a dear friend at our favorite cafe on this sunny Sunday morning. I needed this.

Chinese New Year Coffee at Esprezza.

Sometimes. Waves of homesickness crash in unexpectedly. Usually over a song. A memory. A photograph. A joke. And the curable solution is to get out of the house and take my mind from the safe space of wallowing. Much better.

Sunday Sunset

Sometimes. The little things make me giggle for the longest time. My friend bought me coffee from a “fancier than a warkop, but not as fancy as a cafe” shop. They don’t do to-go coffee…so they cleaned out a plastic bottle and poured the latte in. Delicious. And it left me giggling throughout the day. Not to mention it was only 15,000 rP or $1.16.

Sometimes. Listening to the waves after a hectic day soothes the soul. So taking a taxi through rush hour traffic is worth it. Sunset vibrance and shimmers cascade on the waves. And ice-cream on a rooftop above the chaos is enough to cure the pounding in my head.

Wednesday Sunset

Sometimes. The smiles and laughter and chatter of the street kids brighten the rainy days…no matter how tired or sweaty from the gym I am. Dozens of high-fives all around. Maybe I should be concerned when they started begging for money and pulling on my clothes…and the goat guys shooed them away…I love the glitter in their eyes and excited shrieks…trying not to worry too much and being extra careful when I have my purse.

Sometimes. Getting up early no matter how restless the sleep is feels better. I have started running 2-3 days a week. It’s getting easier to A. wake up B. dodge traffic C. actually run fast. without stopping (so much).

best day to run? Chinese New Year morning!

Sometimes. It’s the sweet moments. Like finding the cutest decorated cookies at a local cafe. A hug from a student. Cards in the mail. A comment from the boss and his wife telling me thank you for all I’ve done and that they are going to miss me! (I replied saying I have about 3 more months and they responded with, yes we know, but time- it flies!) Fancy latte art on the best caramel latte in MAK. And coloring “example” art works for class.

Sometimes. An easy Friday night is the key. Fresh clean sheets. A shower after a hot day in the school. (AC went out in the teacher’s room and half the classes.) A cup of tea and Ed Sheeran’s Tenerife Sea. And the best…calling a best friend’s now 7- year old to wish her a Happy Birthday before she goes to school. Love her.  This is her “I will see YOU in May” face; pointing finger included. 
Sometimes. Giving up something you’re almost addicted to, or have constant cravings for is tough. But not having chocolate for 20 days (minus one cheat day, but don’t get me started on that silly story!) is considered a huge accomplishment for me. You all know my slight obsession with chocolate…cookies, cakes, donuts, drinks, pancakes, Beng-bengs (Indonesian crunch chocolate wafered candy bar)…the list goes on. So going forward I am going to moderate my chocolate intake. Four Being-beng Maxx’s in an hour is completely unnecessary. 🙂 I have also been able to run 2-3 times a week. The past few mornings have been sunny…so hopefully we are nearing the end of the rainy season! Yay! It’s wonderful to see clear blue skies and bright sun. I’m feeling so much better!
~Always. Always smile. Always shine. Always live. Always dream. Always love.~ Through all the sometimes’s always look for the good. Always appreciate the challenges, for they are what make you stronger. For this is what I learn over again each day. Each day that I’m frustrated, hurt, disappointed, or any other negative feeling, I must remember to do these things.~

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