Selamat Tahun Baru~ Happy New Year 2015!!!

December 31st
Final part of my trip to Bali…

I met a local at the end of the stairs going to get food for New Year’s Eve. He wished me a Happy New Year in English and I responded in Bahasa. Selamat Tahun Baru. He shook my hand. And had the usual “Where are you from?” conversation.

Ate gelato by the harbor after getting a pedicure and ordered take away pizza from Naya Resto to take back to the hostel. Dozens of kids were in the streets popping fireworks as I waited for my pizza. Music was blasting from the stereos that these two guys set-up. They have their laptops, beers, cigarettes, and plates of rice and chicken. Total New Year’s Eve jam sesh for them.

Headed back to the hostel. I felt like I had my own private fireworks show above the rooftops. Bursts of color lit the sky and people played random Indonesian melodies and American pop songs to accompany. Hindu temple chimes sounded at midnight.

January 1st 2015

Sunrise around 6:15. Cloudy Morning. Beach to myself. Shaded waves tinted the teal gray as they washed to shore. Stared. Sat. Prayed. For passion. For claret. To be Interrupted. To take risks. To be prepared for change in my heart. {Change is tough. And I resist and cry most of the time and all I want now is peace and freedom.} For strength. For compassion. To see beauty in each experience… to Be.Present.

As I enjoy this last full morning in paradise (I leave for Makassar on the 2nd) I am inspired and encouraged by old friends and new ones I have met here from around the world. Their stories and strengths are uplifting and I am thankful and blessed by each of them. Our paths have crossed for a purpose and this is such an amazing part of life.

2015 is off to a peaceful start. The year’s agenda will be challenging in itself. I will be teaching in Indonesia, attending grad school in LA during the summer, and moving to Shanghai come fall to complete my thesis, take online classes, and teach. Can’t wait to share another new year with you all~cheers!

Last evening in Padang Bai. The first day of 2015 is coming to a close. Yoga overlooking the night harbor. Ship lights flicker and reflect off the calming waters of sunset.

My yoga teacher repeated the words think of everything wonderful in the New Year and breathe to the places you’d like to change and bring focus to those areas. 
My yoga teacher on Gili Air during the Christmas Day class repeated breathe in excitement and joy.
With these words ringing in my ear, echoing my morning prayer, I want 2015 to be a year that my heart is open to change, receiving it with such excitement and joy~ breathing in challenges and exhaling peace and I have in Jesus Christ to be strong in each challenge faced. To serve Him with such excitement and joy and centering Him in my daily works.

It is written that God knows how many grains of sand are int he sea and how many hairs are on our head~ Considering my scalp is covered in sand (that’s what swimming and doing headstands does!), I had this humorous thought that God knows how many grains of sand and strands of hair are on my head. Amazing. He knows even these minute details about me, why should I doubt His bigger plan for my life? Because let’s be real…serving Him and loving others is way more important than counting each hair and trying to count each grain as I cleanse my scalp… 🙂

Byebye Bali.

flying over Makassar

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