Teal.Blue.Hazy Yellow.Tropical Sun.Refreshing Downpour.Gray Clouds. Until next time Gili Air~

part 4…last day on Gili…back to Padang Bai…

flowers at breakfast

December 28th

Island boat tour day with Corinne and a group of people. Such a fun group…very friendly! We toured around Gili T and Gili Meno…stopping for lunch at Jali Wareong near Karma Beach on Gili Meno. Gorgeous sunny day and clearest waters…the teal and blues swept up a glassy wave against the sand…shimmering site to see.

I just.can’t.even.handle.this.

Many of the people snorkeled and saw turtles and corals. Towards the end of the day it got cloudy…made it to shore just in time before the downpour settled in for the evening. Caught in the middle of a tropical downpour on my bike. Sandy and soaked. Relaxed at the Eazy Gili Wareong…mango juice and my notebook…and rain. Watching people react to the rain…laughing to hurriedness…The wareong…chill. bamboo furniture and straw overhanging. It sits on a crossroad off the main road. My relaxation music like “Cosmic Layer,” and “88” are playing in the background. It’s nice to hear music I have playing on speakers. Comforting. I see these two little girls spin around in the rain. Drops cascading off their laughter as they try to wiggle up to sit on the bale’s (bale=structure) bench. The rain still pours and the thunder rumbles, but the sky turns a hazy yellow as the sun begins to set. Peaceful cool rain…downpour has ceased to a steady rain. First time I’ve been goose bumpy in months. So nice! I like the rain here. You can smell the dirt, the fruit, the flowers, tropical rain breeze soothes the mind. Lovely change from the heat and brightness.

December 28th

Leaving this island to the tune of bob marley no woman no cry… Everything is gonna be alright… Vietnamese coffee watching the waves like I did on my first day. Breezier today and nostalgic gray clouds loom over the harbour. Watched the sunrise with Corinne. So sweet to share it with a friend. Did yoga in the first rays of sun before it disappeared for the day. Drank a latte and wished my cafe friends were here to share. That’s the thing of being in a paradise… You want to share it with everyone because the beauty is bursting. Packed and took one last shower in the shadowy sunlight and the palm trees breeze flowing down with the water. There’s something so sensual about showering on stone in the warm tropical air.

 Fast boat back to Gili. Sat outside the whole time. Salt covered my face and the wind whipped my hair. Water tingled my skin. And I stared at the sea.

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