Selamat Natal~ Merry Christmas!!!

part 3

Christmas Day. I couldn’t sleep very well last night. Maybe it was the night sounds of music thumping, fireworks, the mosque singing, chickens clucking outside my window…or maybe it was because…I love Christmas Morning. There’s something so special about this morning. In island heat or snowy cold just the same it is a magical morning…when my Savior was born…

So I got up at 5 a.m. Just me. The waves. The misty clouds. And the rising sun. Pastels turning to striking vibrance before my eyes. Slowly over the mountains on Lombok across the calming morning ocean. Peaceful. A rare Christmas moment. Shimmery boat reflections and the soft crash of the tide.

After the sunrise, FaceTime with friends and family (I love hearing their laughter!!!) and breakfast, I went to a Yoga Strength class at Yoga H2O. Think holding chataranga, push-ups, reverse planks, planks, and crunches. Tough stuff. After class in their “Coconut Hangout Cafe,” I had fresh coconut water with coconut ice-cubes and lime. If you don’t like coconut water…which I usually don’t…try it with a splash of lime~ so refreshing! Spent the day eating a Christmas dinner, reading, and relaxing at the bar listening to music. Merry Christmas~ Watched the sunset…no words…only the blues meshed together in an infinite skyline to ocean blur.

December 26th

This is the day I rented a bike…rode through the sand, fell off and met a new traveling friend from France~

Tonight there was a double rainbow over the ocean. A visible sign of God’s promise. I heard so many people murmur to stop and point at this sign. And I wonder…do they know who sent it? And why? Or is it just colors reflecting scientifically in the sky? The promise of trust of faithfulness of “I will never flood the whole earth again and I will keep my promise to you.”

We decided to watch the sunset and listening to acoustic music at the Safari Club beach bar and restaurant. The rain had stopped and the sun sank in all it’s brilliance behind dark clouds. Soul soothing evening of much story telling and laughter!

this photo.
A father and his two daughters…
splashing in the waves…
Daddy, pick me up!


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