Padang Bai~ new friends, lattes, cushioned seats, and the beach.

Part 5.

Made it back from Padang Bai and walked from the harbor to the Lemon House this time.

This is the part when I meet my two Australian friends…yay! 

December 29th

Muggy morning. Good to Skype mom and a couple friends! So glad I could show them this awesome find! Trekked up the steep hill to the Yoga Bale. What a VIEW! Mountains on the left looking out and the harbor on the right. Surround sound of morning thunder and rain drops made a relaxing two hour session.

Down poured this morning so Gemma and Courtney and I went to a cafe until the sun came out and we could head to the beach. Turned out to be a lovely sunny day!

December 30th

Said goodbye to my friends today as they were heading to Gili…so quiet without their laughter and fun singing! Awww!!!

Headed to a cafe near the harbor to get a latte and enjoy the morning sun. The water is bright and bustling with boats; hectic with tourists bound for the Gilis.

Early afternoon I went to the beach. So grateful for a few sunny hours before it clouded up. Headed back before the rain came. Later I headed out for something to eat. On my way through the alleyway I started to notice the intricate details of the doorway arches, gates, and temples. Small daises dotted one, white and yellow against the old stone…wound my way…kids playing…motorcyclists chat as they zig zagged around me…Where you from Miss? America. Oooh wow, Obama!!! Yeah. Oh very good! Hollywood? Nooo…Nebraska. Really? Where is it? The middle… Oh you come from far…Bye miss, have nice time stay in Bali…
Went to Naya Resto, the one Hayley showed me my first night in Padang Bai. Sat inside this time. Cushioned seats on the floor. Candles. Drank my mango juice, wrote, and people watched. The sky is turning dusky smokey oranges…oranges slowly making their way from the mountains to the sea…wispy clouds take shape in the hazy blues while dark clouds loom bridging the blues and oranges. What a site to see! Cool breeze floats through the pillars from my cushioned perch.

It’s truly Paradise..a sliver of heaven on earth…a spec of pure beauty in the waves and sky. I am so blessed to have discovered this place. To witness such a capacity of color and vibrance that few recognize or grasp. To witness the genuine friendship of strangers. To experience the vastness of sky and sea. To meet friends from all over the world and share with them a few moments of my year.

Evening takes over the oranges and blues and rain falls. Cloudy night sky. Rain slowed and clouds started to break revealing sporadic twinkling stars and Orion’s Belt. Thought of a childhood story my dad used to read about Jolly Mon. And being as I’m on an island. It makes sense. Still evening with the occasional flutter of banana leaves over the balcony. But that smell. That heavenly tropical sweet rain smell of poignant fruits and flowers and earth. It’s rich. So rich I can’t breathe it in at once, but take gulps of it between breezes. Thick rich sultry air.

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