Beautiful People. Beautiful World.

I have a lot to say about my time in Gili Air and Padang Bai, Bali so I’ve decided to break down my thoughts and pictures into parts. Places and times may be intertwined due to the subject matter.

Part 1.

People. No matter where I go in the world I meet people. And they are beautiful. Each of them. Just look into a stranger’s eyes next time you pass them on the street; are they blue, or green, or the deepest brown? Are there wrinkles in their forehead or a smile on their face? This time traveling I met a people that brightened my day, encouraged me, inspired me, and showed me how beautiful complete strangers really are. Here is a bit about some people I met on this trip…

Ketut, Miar and Kadek. The staff at the Lemon House Padang Bai. Welcomed me with open arms in their airy hostel atop the hill. Helped arrange a taxi for me and transportation to the harbor. They were so friendly and greeted me each morning for breakfast. They were always smiling! 

Miar took me to the beach the first day and introduced me to her mother and sister, Deni who had a Wareong on the beach with the best coconut pancakes and mango juice. Miar’s mom also sold me beautiful sarongs!
Hayley. I don’t have any pictures with her. But I walked into the hostel dorm the first night and was like have you eaten? She showed me the Wareong that she discovered while staying in Padang Bai. We ate there then got happy hour drinks. Back in the UK she was a massage therapist so often times she gave tourists and travelers massages. She told me her stories about working on Gili Meno and making breakfast and tending to a hostel as part of a Work Away project. The past week she had been getting her PADI dive certification in Padang Bai before touring around Bali then hopefully moving to Australia. 
Wir. My friend’s brother-in-law’s friend. He worked at the Unzipped Cottages on Gili Air. He made me laugh…always asked how I was and if I needed anything. We chatted at the Unzipped bar on Christmas night in between him making drinks for other guests.  The playlist he was jammin’ too was stellar. Kygo. Bob Marley. Doesn’t get much better for island jams.

Jess is the Yoga teacher at Blue Marine Dive Resort. She had been living in Bali…but before New York and originally from Boston…and now she lives on Gili Air. Maite is the second teacher, from Spain.

she makes her own Coconut Oil on Gili Air!
had to take a picture~
Corinne. A traveler like me. She spent the last year backpacking and hitchhiking around Australia and now was traveling throughout Indonesia.  This is how we met…I was riding my bike through the thick sand and fell off…pretty sure I squawked or something and she turned around and saw me fall…asked if I was ok… silly me for falling off my bike, but great to meet a new friend! Then we walked and rode around the island…watched the sunset-(she looks at the sun and sky like me~) listened to acoustic music at a beach bar- and ate! The next day we went on a boat tour and snorkeled around the island. Beautiful day. Stunning water. How fun it is to meet someone to share travel experiences with and swap stories! Ate pizza at a fun Wareong that night and in the morning watched the sunrise before I left back to Bali. She had amazing stories of walking and camping along the beaches south of Perth, working on a small tour/snorkel boat in the Great Barrier Reef, and so many more! So inspiring. Wow.

She’s so fun!

pretty sure I took a picture of my water and then
our drinks together
so it didn’t look like we drank alone!

Gemma and Courtney. My Australian girls. I walked into the hostel dorm (I don’t know why I always say have you eaten, but I guess food is common ground, right?) around 2 or so I think. We bonded over our obsession with Mango juice and then realized that we all love dessert too. Seriously. They are the funniest girls! We had a blast on the beach and walking around and eating pancakes (and other stuff) and sharing life stories. The two had been friends since the beginning of High School…and they are my brother’s age. So admirable how Gemma has been traveling SouthEast Asia by herself and now Courtney joined her in Bali. Both are so talented in drawing…painting…Gemma worked in a local coffee shop and ice-cream parlor and being an assistant leader for outdoor ed trips (how they met in HS) and Courtney is a dance instructor…she explained it to me in detail. They are from Adelaide and I must go see them…being as I have never been to the Land Down Under and…they would be the best tour guides, taking me off the beaten track where tourists don’t go… What carefree spirits these two are!

Mrs. Pancake!

Gemma: Look at the Moon!!!
Loes. She is from Holland and traveling with her boyfriend from Switzerland. We chatted a few times throughout our few days stay. I took her to the Yoga Bale on Thursday evening. 
Kimberley is the yoga teacher at the Yoga Bale in Padang Bai…she makes batik clothing to take back and sell in the states…she lives in Bali and in Maine.
Nofi was Naya Resto’s manager…she was the sweetest! She asked me my name and I asked hers back… I wished her a Happy New Year…I went here a few times for mango juice and she always remembered to make it without sugar. 🙂
Warti. The lady who gave me a pedicure on New Year’s Eve. Her daughter Della is 7 1/2 years old. Adorable. We chatted. Previously she had contracts in the Maldives at the Jumeirah resorts and in the Seychelles at the Hilton (I used to work at the Hilton in Omaha, NE!) as a massage therapist. She told me the islands are so beautiful and she really like the work there, but it was too difficult now with her daughter. Her husband has passed when her daughter was only 23 days old in a motorbike accident. The strength shone in her eyes and she still smiles. Absolutely beautiful.
~Cheers to all of you beautiful people~ Your smiles and laughter~ 
I’m so glad I met you on Gili or Bali~ To those shop owners, baristas, waiters, crew-members, passerby’s whose name I didn’t mention… You were apart of my time here as well~

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