At the back of a convenience store…

December 20th 2014~

I found the best place. At the back of a convenience store. Cheap t-shirts, toilet paper and other toiletry items on shelves, along with cookies and other traditional Makassar snacks surrounded the inside. And at the back…a Roastery! I was able to spend a few minutes chatting with the man behind the counter, while his partner poured grounds into packaging bags for sale. The grounds were bought from a farmer in Toraja, an area in the northern part of the island of South Sulawesi. The farm is naturally organic and noncommercial. Something he stated was very rare and Indonesia needed to preserve this aspect as the demand for higher quality coffee increases. Each island of Indonesia produces their own kind of coffee; i.e. Sumatra, Java…Toraja. Amazing. He let me sample a cup. And it was wonderful. I am so excited about my find and…I’m excited to buy some and bring some back to share!

Spent Saturday hanging by a hotel pool for the afternoon. We only paid 40,000Rp. Soaked up some pre-Bali sunshine and relaxed. Watched the Sunset on both Saturday and Sunday evenings. Stunning.

Monday, I hung out and packed my things. I am heading to Bali tomorrow to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s.

perk of being below the equator?
it’s almost summertime…
the days are getting longer!
Friday night hang out…
beachside rooftop restaurant…
cold beer and chicken wings…
and rice.

blue skies…

if you look close enough
there are about 10 guys staring at my friend and I
…construction may not be finished anytime soon

these kiddos made my Saturday night at the gym so much fun!

I can read “Coffee” in 4 of the languages…

M is for…Makassar!

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