Homemade Coconut Oil, Star Cake, and Christmas Cuteness.

Homemade coconut oil. Made by my friend’s friend on one of the furthest eastern most islands in Indonesia called Kepulauan.  Here coconuts grow in abundance. The smell is sweet and fragrant. The texture works like a dream when doing the oil treatment on my hair. I’m slightly obsessed. I love coconut oil…I have missed using it the past couple of months. And one of the nice perks? Only the equivalent of $5. Fabulous. Sealed in a plastic bottle; pre-export sale.

Printed off pictures today for a gift. The total? 19,500rp. I gave a 20,000. For my change they gave me candy because they didn’t have a 500 available…this also happens at Indomart. They just add in a small candy bar to make the total even. Change is sometimes not readily available or the total is slightly “uneven.”
Christmas party at school this past Saturday. Serious Christmas cuteness and fun. Observed my little kids for a coloring contest. I played them Pentatonix and other Christmas music. 
Sunday afternoon my roommates and I hosted a get-together at our house. We actually have a lot of open space. Sometimes our ideas of parties vary, but everyone seemed to enjoy the afternoon fun even though it wasn’t a “wild and crazy” time. It was nice to actually have a conversation with other expats that wasn’t at a bar scene. I met a couple other people who like to be chill and not go out so much.
Monday morning. My neighbor gave me a star cake. The guys who sell sticker wallpaper asked for their picture to be taken. All before 9a.m…on the way to the gym.

Tuesday.Wednesday.Thursday.Friday …classes and countdown to vacation!!! I’m ready for a refresher and a break…I think it stems from knowing I have time off so I just get antsy. Last year I had no time off so I could not prepare for any type of break. This year…I have some things planned so I am ready to go!
my cafe people know me too well…
no donuts the other day…
“Miss, have a cream puff…”

Merry Christmas!

Simple things…
like fancy candles.

“Small Star” level
Achievement Ceremony

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