"That’s Christmas To Me…."

Midweek blog post…

Pentatonix. It’s my favorite Christmas music. Ever. Seriously. One day I will see them live! Just incredible talent and harmonies. Beautiful. Their songs have been on repeat. All week.

“That’s Christmas To Me”…I discovered this today, on a Monday morning while lesson planning for class…I had to stop and let the words soak in. Simple things in life. Joy of Family. Christmas song in my heart. Candles blowing in the dark…

…I begin to make my own list.

Melting hearts with sweet words. Cafes adorned in red, green, and gold. Glittery lights reflecting the pavement making their own shine. Random Christmas tunes blasting from a streaming station. Secret Christmas wishes. Laughter. Surprise cards and postcards in the mail.

You see this is my second Christmas (in a row) that I have been overseas… to be honest it’s one of the toughest things about being abroad…Yes, day to day events can be challenging and living abroad is often a foreign concept…missing the holidays is hard to understand…no I cannot just hop on a plane and come home…there are costs involved and a mental preparedness to have… missing the holidays…the traditions…the get-togethers…the coziness of home and heart…and family. All of us together. That’s what is tough. Maybe we only see each other a few times a year and that’s why it’s programmed that I should be home. 
It got me thinking…Christmas Day is One Day..One Day that I would give anything to be home for. But Christmas is more than One Day. It’s an event. Of Love. Of grace. Of a miracle. Of a Father’s unconditional love showering a fallen world. It’s the Day He sent His Son. Christmas isn’t just about being home and celebrating One Day…it’s a reminder that we should be celebrating everyday and not just the One Day. 
We should be celebrating the life that He has given us and celebrating living it to the fullest. Celebrating with friends who have become our family, celebrating with foreign peoples, celebrating and communing with Him. Thanking Him that Christmas doesn’t just stop at One Day…but continues throughout the days, the weeks, the months, the year, and eternity. 
My Christmas happens everyday, in the smallest miracles, the acts of love, and the warm fuzzies in my heart…my Christmas happens when I come home in the spring, summer, or fall…my Christmas doesn’t have to be white with snow, my Christmases are rainy, sunny, hot, and cold…Christmas is so much more than One Day of gathering, stockings, gifts, perfect glistening snow, bells ringing, hot chocolate, and city walking under the silent starry nights…My Christmas happens when I am in an unknown place with a peace in my heart, or when I am hugging the ones I love…Christmas is found in my (and your) heart…a place that beats with life, a place I (you) can find anytime…anyplace…And That’s Christmas to me. 

What is Christmas to you?

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