Sweet rains. Sweet Mangoes.

Rainy Saturday December 6th.. I put on “Little Drummer Boy” by Pentatonix. It reminds me of running on the path through the rice fields and banana trees in Taiwan on Christmas Day. Sweet Memories. And they did a cover of “Rather Be.” So listen up. Oh and! one of the best versions of “Let It Go.”

This afternoon on my way to the gym, I passed by the usual group of onlookers from the motorcycle repair shop who always smile and wave and say “hellloooo misses.” They were gathered around eating and motioned for me to come over and have some of their fried food and chili sauce. Sat with them for a few moments and ate, then went on my way… Gotta love these random happy moments of “this is my life…”
Weird week. Power Outages. Sleepless nights and late mornings. Immigration meetings. Work training. Student threw up in class on Monday. Observation and new assistant for my 4 and 5 year olds. Thank goodness. Less stressful. Good feedback. Director likes my enthusiasm and my meticulous/particular organization. Cool rains. Cool breezes. Dropping temperatures. Inspiring skype with a friend. Much need encouragement and life catch up. Dark skies. Steady rains. Post office visit. Thankful for help. Cozy hot cappuccino and a conversation that went like this…I feel sexier with a book, sitting on a couch and the pouring rain outside and James Blunt playing in the background. Lazy day to be productive at school, but classes are still going quite well!

It took over a month for me to really wish we had running hot water. 75 degrees does a less than splendid job of heating the water from the outside…and at first we thought the drain was starting to smell so we put a glade scented gel in the bathroom…turns out it’s not the drain, but the water. Luckily the apple cider vinegar I use to condition my hair covers that smell in my hair!

Met with a dear friend and her husband for dinner and coffee….the teacher who invited me to come to Makassar…I’m so blessed by their friendship. What a delightful couple to have conversation with and share about places to visit and things to eat in Indonesia!

at the meatball restaurant!

watching in fascination!!!

evening rainbow

Sunday for lunch I went with my friend to Chinatown and ate at a nyuk nyang (pork meatballs) restaurant. I discovered Toraja coffee. oh my goodness it is delicious!!! Trying new foods is always fun. The restaurant is a cozy sit down place. And the owner is so friendly. After lunch we went to the countryside (outside of Makassar near the airport) to three of their friends’ houses to pick mangoes. I had such a great day—sweet rains. sweet mangoes. There were so many varieties “mana lagi” meaning ask for more (mangoes), apple mangoes, papaya mangoes, Philippine mangoes, gula gula manga a meaning candy mangoes. Kristi translated for me, so I was able to understand the conversation…I learned so much about what they do and it was fun to see where they lived…the houses are so bright and colorful and the countryside is lush with flowers, coconut trees, banana trees,  mango trees, and others. Everyone smiles and laughs and welcomes you with open arms. What a real treat to spend the day like this!

pouring rain…
post office receipt…
latte art!

fabulous co-workers!

fallen tree caused a major
traffic jam!

dark skies
cool breeze
steady rains to come

neighborhood color


the view from my becak
best mode of transportation in the rain…
they cover the carts!

fuzzy FaceTime conversation with this lady-
Miss her!

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