Shimmery Sea, Sunsets, and Silhouettes

November 23rd, 2014…

so I’ve officially been living in Indonesia for a month now!

And I’m alive. And well. We had a meeting regarding our fridge this week. We are getting one. Eventually. Last Sunday for my birthday evening we went to the 6th Floor of Losari Beach Inn to watch the sunset…it’s more of a cafe/lounge area rather than food so we went to Kios for dinner. I wasn’t feeling the greatest so I came home a bit early.

I really won’t elaborate too much, but one of the less glamorous things about traveling and living abroad is either having the shits or being constipated. Needless to say I was sick for the next 5 days. Awesome stuff let me tell you.

So I’ve received a couple requests…more kid pics! Noted. I will do my best. Had a great teaching week despite being sick. On Monday the group bought me a cake and sang to me! Thursday I had coffee with a dear friend and her husband. And on Friday I taught an extra conversation class that was really fun!

Jalan Lamuru (…down my neighborhood street!)

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Saturday morning brought sister and cousin chats that always brightens my day. Afterwards I went to the gym then took a nap…listening to the thunder before falling asleep is rather soothing. When I woke up my roommate was home and was getting ready to go get dinner so I asked if I could join. She was going to get a traditional meal called “Bakso” (a meatball soup dish). Hopped on the back of her motorcycle and away we went to a back alley residential place near her University. It was delicious! and She is fun to hang out with…always laughing! I later met one of her friends who showed us a rental room because she is looking for a new place to live as another foreign teacher is joining the team after the New Year. Saturday night I went to go see Part 1 of the Mockingjay (Hunger Games). Intense.

Bakso restaurant!

“bakso and chips”

Sunday. Morning. Bright and sunny. Headed to the port with my roommates to meet our co-workers for a day at the sea. Had Nasi Kuning for breakfast which is a yellow rice dish with spices and chicken. My friend, Kristi, her brother-in-law owns (and lives in) a house boat. It is his livelihood…giving tours and taking groups on expeditions, trips, or research excursions to the sea and surrounding islands. Since he is a relative of a close friend we paid for the days’ worth of gas. We waited in this port hut with a couple Island guys who were Rudi’s (Kristi’s husband) friends. Jammed and hung out until the rest of our group arrived. Took a small fast boat to his house port because the port is very crowded in the early morning with travelers going to islands and fishermen heading in from/out to sea. It’s already 90 degrees and the sun feels so good. Trust me Midwesterners and New Yorkers and really wherever else is freezing cold with snow and ice—I am soaking it up for you!!!

Ocean serenity. Teal water. Blue skies. Salty breeze. Shimmery waves. I couldn’t be happier. Mangos. Coffee. And I tried my first sea-fish. Rudi went spearfishing. Caught a few fish that were promptly fried with vegetables. Umm..delicious. Probably the only fish I will ever eat. Because you all know how much I don’t like fish. Maybe it’s the smell…or maybe it was just the day itself. And how relaxing and amazing the trip was. I am so very blessed.

During the late afternoon, the rains came. A piercing sun through the clouds before darkening and pouring rain, rocking our boat. We arrived back to the port safely around 7:30 p.m. Seriously pinch me I must be dreaming. This is where I live. And despite not having a fridge, and other things I’ve described in previous posts…the beauty of the sea and the people I have met make everything worth it. The dirt on the road, the plastic chairs at the coffee shop, the public restrooms or lack thereof. I got all teary eyed the other day when I was face timing a friend in Taiwan…I miss her a lot and wish she could be here too…but I think I was teary-eyed because I am overwhelmed with emotion…how different my life is since leaving Taiwan and remembering my kids and friends…and yoga. A certain longing to go back, but always focused on the road ahead and awaiting new experiences that will come my way. For now I have the clearest water, collecting diamonds that will make me rich in laughter, love, and smiles on my day at sea… much love and many hugs to all my international friends and my family.

I recently read this article entitled: “NEBRASKA.” This article was written to highlight Nebraska for reasons other than football and corn. My state. My home. My family. Simplicity and Wide Open Spaces. A place to breathe after city living. A place to decompress after sensory overload of living abroad. A vacation of wine sipping, bon-fires, laughter, Mom’s cooking, porch-swing afternoons, popcorn, and Margaritas on the patio with homemade salsa with chips, fresh chocolate chip cookies hot out of the oven, empty roads, country breezes, crisp fall air, striking sunsets, and brilliant sunrises, Home. Where values were instilled and hard work is a part of everyday life. Where people are genuine and smiles are for real. Conversations last all morning even after the coffee is drunk. Starry skies. Clarity is restored. and the Sky touches the windy grass. No skyscrapers or mountains get in the way of highway vision. ….Oh Nebraska…wherever I live, wherever I travel…I hold you in my heart…

But I must see the world. I want to indulge in the exotic beauty of other lands as well. To smile at people I haven’t met yet. To breathe air that so many have breathed before me…to soak up their stories and learn their ways too. and Love even the biggest challenge in a foreign place. …Because I want to laugh instead of complain…


bules (foreigners) and Kristi and Lini

Fresh Mangos direct from the grove

hearts!!! Timmie, Abby, Mom

cleaning the fish…

so much laughter!!!

the group!!!

Makassar from the Sea

Cheers~ and as always feel free to leave comments or topics! 🙂

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