Selamat Ulang Tahun! ~ Happy Birthday in Bahasa!

Fresh Orange Juice…watching the waves on my last day of 27
#obsessed ๐Ÿ˜‰

Jalan Mesjid Raya
my street…
traffic, people..
and goats!


This goes with the orange juice…

trying Pisang Epe…
traditional Makassar snack
“Pisang” means banana in Bahasa

seaside sitting

only 27 for one more day!

Dinner with friends at
Cobek Cobek

Midnight birthday cake surprise!

Birthday morning sunrise!

Birthday Morning Zumba!

neighborhood Warkop

Happy Birthday to me!

November 15th
last day of 27!

This afternoon I decided to get a massage (144,000 Rp or 11 USD) at Bambuu Bali. It felt so good. Afterwards I headed to the beach to see the waves…because why not? I took a becak…and he went the wrong way…I know my way?!! So I had to point him in the right direction toward Losari Pantai (Losari Beach) I sat by the seaside for a bit…and had fresh orange juice and pisang epe. Pisang epe ย is a traditional Makassar snack…the bananas are grilled and a brown sugar sauce is drizzled over the top. I had the “klasik” but they also have durian, chocolate, cheese, and a few other varieties. I love the colors here. The teal and red and blue plastic chairs…the darkening sky and green palm trees, the colors of the store fronts that are faded by the sun, and the grayish blue reflection of the sky on the waves. This city is so bright. If you take the time to look past the free smells, busy traffic, and calls of “mister…” and see the other side of it…full of smiles, culture, character, and color. Tonight I went to dinner at Cobek Cobek with friends. The place serves delicious traditional Indonesian food…coconut rice, chicken, vegetables…etc. Of course all on the menu in Bahasa, but I’m not sure of the exact names yet.

At midnight my roommate Anna and another friend Iecha, surprised me with a birthday cake and song!!! My birthday is off to a fantastic start! How incredibly sweet of them!

November 16th
oh my goodness I’m 28!

Saw the sunrise today. Beautiful. At 5:30 a.m. we went to Zumba in the park. Followed by breakfast at a neighborhood Warkop (a traditional Indonesian cafe that serves coffee and snacks…also called aย rest)ย original Indonesian black coffee called kopi hitam (amazing! and it cost 5,000 Rp= 41 CENTS) and a traditional coconut cake called putu ambon. So many wonderful birthday wishes, texts, messages, posts, and calls! I feel blessed to have friends around the world!!! Love to all. And thanks to my new Indonesian friends for celebrating with me and to all of you who wished they could…Cheers!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

This Week’s Top 5:

1. I found a gym! Yay! The inside is bright yellow and blue. There is a courtyard and also a big open space indoor rooms as well as a room with weights and a couple treadmills that kind of work. The girl at the front desk has also asked to be photographed with me. When I leave the gym I have a cheering section of about 5-10 guys on motorcycles/bystanders. Everyone wants a high five… or a handshake…Sometimes I don’t know what to make of it…

2. Gizii Juice is the best. I have now tried the almond milks and a couple of the fresh fruit juices. Yum! There is another brand called EZY that I will try next week.

3. Motorized “becaks” are called bentadors. They are fabulous. It’s a great way to see the city because they take backroads and shortcuts…also it’s hard to see the city by walking because of the traffic or in a taxi because they take the same routes.

4. I went to Starbucks last week. They have a different latte called “Butter Cookie.” It’s ok. But Warkop coffee is better. It’s not made in a factory…and it’s local. I love the character of these cafes…outdoors…no air…plastic colorful chairs…rod iron decorative bars…colorful fronts…I’ll post pictures soon…the one I think I will start going to is called Warkop Aroma.ย 

5. Teaching is going well. I really do enjoy it…and the kids are a lot of fun…crazy, but fun…they call me “Missss Megan,” in a semi-British accent. So darn cute. And they roll their “r”s like in Spanish.

That’s all for this week. Comments? Questions? Topics you would like to discuss? LMK! ๐Ÿ™‚
Cheers from this side of the world!

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