Pressed Laundry and Bubble Milk Tea

small boats at port

leaving the island at sunset

storm rolling in

My co-worker found this Instagram business called “Gizii Juice.” They make raw fresh juices…and almond milk. Delicious. I ordered the signature and cacao. This will probably become a habit. 🙂 I keep them at school during the week though as we are still out a fridge…fingers crossed soon as my “outlet” was installed last week…really it’s just a really long extension cord on a multiple outlet plug to the outlet outside the room. Whatever contraption works is fine by me.

On Friday, my roommates and I went out with a co-teacher to meet other expats. It was really fun…went to a couple bars near the ocean. The people we met were warm and welcoming! I am looking forward to hanging out with them more in the future.

Saturday I cleaned my room and opened my laundry and found that was washed, dried, and pressed for me. My director has a business in laundry as well so I just bring a bag of it to the school and the next day it’s done. Which means…I don’t have to do my own laundry for 7 months…happy happy!!! And all the little lint balls that had been “permanently” stuck to my pants…gone. I am super excited about this laundry business.

Saw our first cockroaches in the bathroom. Praying they stay in there!!!

Saturday afternoon I met up with my roommate and a couple co-workers to shop and eat. We ate at pizza hut…my second time since being here. I haven’t eaten at pizza hut in ages. The shopping we went to was an underground mall kind of like Napodong in Busan Korea and in Taipei Taiwan. Cheap clothes and knock offs. I bought a pair of black “Chanel” jeans and a cute jean jacket. I also bought a phone. I have now entered the smart phone world. And I already feel stupid. Mostly because I don’t know how to use it. But if you have whatsapp and all that jazz I can message you. I supposed it’s good in case of emergencies to contact home as well because I don’t always have to be in wifi to call now and whenever I’m out of data I just “top it off.” The phone was only $70. Pretty sweet deal I think.

I was going to run in a HASH event, but was not feeling in the mood to go out again. Sometimes I just need some time to myself. I took a nap this evening instead and then went to the Mari Mall via taxi and got a pedicure and a bubble milk tea. I was able to tell the taxi driver the mall and my address home in Bahasa.

TODAY. Sunday. I slept a lot. I am still fighting a cold. And just needed more rest. This afternoon however, brought on a bit of an adventure after lunch we headed to the port to board a small boat to take us to an island called Kayangan that supposedly means Heaven in Bahasa. It failed it’s title miserably. The beach and island itself was covered in trash and run down buildings, and the water lapping the dirty sand was filthy too. Eww. I mean the pictures showed white sand beaches. I was approached by several Indonesians while I was laying on the sand (with a towel of course) to have their photo taken with me…in my bikini and them fully clothed. …Aiyay after all the “Misterssss,” whistles, and other calls…now my roommate and have reached celebrity status with both of us (now on separate occasions) being asked by locals to be photographed with them. We ended up just hanging out for about an hour to enjoy being out of the city, in the sun, and to observed the ships going in and out of the port area. We came back around dusk. The sunset was beautiful. Decided to get drinks by the beach, but the sky was darkening quickly so we opted to sit in a restaurant instead. Along the sidewalk near the beach there are kiosk stands selling foods and juices and coffees…Across the street are the bars and restaurants. Many of them are rooftops with a stellar view. And then the rain came. Thunder, lightning, and a downpour! The rains will bring cloudy skies for the better part of the next three months. It won’t rain all day, but at various times and for various lengths throughout the day. This is the official first day of the “rainy season!” And ironically it was the same day I decided to buy an umbrella. Yay.

seaside restaurant

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