Took a bus to China Town… I’d be standing on Canal and Bowery…

I found this amazing cover. On repeat. When I find songs I like I usually listen to them for a week straight. On repeat.

A break of sunshine before the predicted approaching rainy season month of April comes…6:30 a.m. run, breakfast skype with grandma and friend at Starbucks, brunch on a patio with Zoe and a trip to Costco for Almond Milk, and an afternoon chat over tea with another friend, completed my Sunday with a kick butt spin class.

Some days are a walk in the park…others are not… with these three…another town tour and park day…

Tuesday March 25th….Happiest of Birthdays to my dear friend Sarah. Wish we were at a cafe or beach bar celebrating, but we will soon! 
Calm. Cloudy. Melodic coffee shop tunes. Reflective moments and missing moods…Birds chirping. Spring air. Cigar smoke filtering the patio only drifting away with the breeze. A hint of rain smell gathers but no drops fall. Peaceful bench outside with an iced drink and pesto vegetable avocado croissant. Afternoon delights. My book and thoughts…of goals, to do lists, and future plans, though enjoying the moment of staring off into space and penning these words to now blog…these words in which I have become productive.
January through the beginning of this month was so productive and clear. And now a lull has settled in…How do you snap out of a lull, how do you appreciate a lull, does life ever slow down enough for you to feel a lull? Maybe I’m so relaxed as of late…do I need to put forth more to get more out of here? Do I need to re-energize…perhaps revamp my routine…?
In recent talks with my mom and close friends I’m realizing that my age and what I’m doing is all about the perspective I have…that age is relative and even though I may feel older and often times act older than the people I am surrounded by, I shouldn’t compare my accomplishments or experiences with theirs. My purpose, my gifts are unique as are theirs. No matter what material possessions each owns, the jobs had, or places traveled, what matters is how you integrate into each others lives as encouragement and support. What matters is how you use your gifts given and how you give thanks for opportunities and blessings provided.
Maybe it’s not even society that determines what we should have, how we should act, or certain life stages that should be accomplished by XX age, but instead maybe it’s our own judgement inside our head trying to mold ourselves to our peers, when in fact, we should be celebrating our individual life journeys and recognizing the beauty of our choices and be amazed how we are connected in our differences; leaning on and supporting one another in this crazy life. 
This week. I have been up early. Weather has been warmer. Still cloudy but oh so warm. And my curls are loving the humidity. Watching the sunrise, running, and making yummy treats for breakfast is a welcome come back routine. I do so much better in this weather. Here’s what I’ve made for breakfast this week:
Monday: Chocolate Covered Strawberry Shake: Detoxinista
Tuesday: Reeses Peanut Butter Cup Baked Oatmeal: Chocolate Covered Katie 
Wednesday: Peanut Butter Mug Cake: Detoxinista
Thursday: Blueberry Banana Pancakes: Mind Body Green 
Friday: Baked Banana, Blueberry, Raisin Oatmeal: Deliciously Ella
Saturday: Overnight Chia Oats with Strawberry Compote: Deliciously Ella
Trend? Peanut butter. Bananas. Chocolate…oh dear. 
May 18th

And now…it’s the middle of May…has it really been a month and a half since I have written? Oh dear. The sun beams a 90 degree and rain is forecasted all week. Hello rainy season in Taiwan. However, I welcome the heat and humidity. I was made for sunny days.

When I’m in the elevator for the tenth time each day I am in the present moment…but so many elevator trips later I’m in my 9th month in Taiwan. Only about 100 days left. So much to think about and just a few more stops off my Taiwan bucket list.

I took a trip to Hualien with Zoe in mid-April. It was a great trip minus my scooter burn. We took the HSR to Taipei, then boarded an Express train for Hualien. The first day was gray and rainy. But the clouds sinking to the ocean and the eerie liquid waves splashing against the boat during whale watching created an ominous feeling. We spotted a few dolphins during the 2 hour ride. We went to a night market and had mango smoothies and this delicious beef, rice, and vegetable dish. Our hostel was called Colorful Taiwan and had a huge map of the world with sticky notes of people’s names stuck to their location.

The second day we roamed the city. Ate at a cute cafe, wandered a secondhand bookstore, and relaxed in a park. The beach was made of pebbles. When the waves washed back and forth from the sea to the shore it sounded like a rain stick. Gorgeous contrast of mountains, sea, green, and beach. We left a bit earlier than expected and decided to go to Taipei for dinner at the cozy Apartment Cafe before heading back to Jhubei.

A couple weeks ago I took a scooter ride in a downpour with a few other friends from the states…we drove through the Guanxi area.

This weekend (May 17th) I went to Taichung with my friend Yvonne…we spent the day wandering markets and the night eating our way through the FengJia Night Market– a definite must go in this city!

I found another cafe in my neighborhood called Island Cafe. A lady named Shelly owns it. She had a postcard wall. I told her I would send her one when I travel to Cambodia and go back to America. She is the sweetest! This is my new Sunday routine on her patio.

A week of tea times with co-teachers, sunrises, sibling facetime

another season at the Cama Cafe….
can’t believe it’s SUMMER!

Sorry for the absence…I guess I just got writer’s block- I’ve been focusing on being positive and enjoying my time here in Taiwan…phew a couple of rough months, but I’m getting back to my normal self now…more thoughts, pictures, and adventures to come soon! 🙂 Many thanks to my motivating traveling friends, and supportive family for being there through these rough patches.

Quote of the day or something along the lines of… “Megan, let me see your lemon tart you’re eating.” I show Abby my lemon tart and describe the fresh tropical creaminess to her. “Well, Megan, I had Chinese food tonight with Jake.” “Umm…Abs…I can get Chinese food too.” “Not Holdrege- Chinese food with your sibling!” True that.

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