"Let It Go…Let It Go…"

these. are. my. kids…
they make me laugh…
most days…

you know..just sitting outside of 7-11
eating ice-cream…

at the park!!!

Those three words are so powerful…let.it.go. Let the argument go. Let the stress go. Let whatever you’ve been clinging to that is causing you pain…let.it.go. Wow. Today in class, two boys were arguing and fighting (per usual) and all of a sudden one of the girls and another boy break into full on song of “Let it Go…” The two boys stop fighting and one says, “That’s from Frozen…” Priceless. It was hysterical. But at the same time so true. Just let it go…it’s not a crisis. Then I said “let it go” really fast and I guess it sounded like “Lego” and one of the boys says, “Teacher, legos are toys. AND a movie.” Oh wow. I was laughing so hard when the girl stopped singing and tells me “Teacher, when you laugh you turn red.” What.a.class!

Our goal should be to live life in radical amazement. ….get up in the morning and look at the world in a way that takes nothing for granted. Everything is phenomenal; everything is incredible; never treat life casually. To be spiritual is to be amazed.”
― Abraham Joshua Heschel

I pray I never lose my wonder of this world. My wonder of the sea will never cease. The wonder of living among so many different people. Wonderful life. Wonder of the sunrise. Wonder of the rains. Wonder of rapid speaking in thousands of languages. Wonder. Amazement. I stand in awe. I stand in wonder of how much beautiful is in each smile I see. Coast to coast. Country to country. Wonder of rights and wrongs. Of beliefs and disbelief. Wonder of how strong God has made my heart. Your heart. This quote by Abraham Joshua Heschel says it all for me…Sometimes I just need a hug or word of a reminder about how much I strive to live my life that takes nothing for granted…that I wake each morning with new wonder, ever constantly renewed.

My friend’s daughter Emma is probably my most favorite kiddo ever. I think it’s because I’m best friends with her momma and have been friends since High School and bonded even more when she was pregnant with Emma. Her mom is an amazing friend…and I think it’s pretty fabulous I can skype with a 6 year old when I travel the world. This little girl says to me the other night…”Megan, I wanna see the whole wide world!” Love. And..”Do you know where China is?” Yes. “Did you know it’s not by the United States? Are you by China?” This girl. So smart. I absolutely adore her. So blessed I could have such an influence in her life.

Some changes have been happening here…My co-teacher, who is my closest friend put in her notice to the school and will be leaving in April. She is my closest friend here and an amazing co-teacher! I am going to miss her, but know she is going to do great things in her next step. We are planning a trip to the east coast of Taiwan in April. The city is Hualien. The mountains meet the coast here and there is excellent whale watching opportunities. Details to follow.

Monday March 17th: Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all my fellow Irish friends! Today the kiddos and I did a “town tour” since our unit has been on Places Around Town. The day was finally sunny and warm. We completed the tour with playtime at a neighborhood park and 7-11 ice-cream. So proud of them today- behavior and speaking were excellent.

Happy St. Patricks’s Day!
*courtesy of my sister*

Happy March Birthdays to dear friends Mandy and Sarah, and my bestest cousin Allison…love love love you and can’t thank all of you enough for your encouragement, support, and friendship! I’m so blessed to have you all in my life. Hope your birthday days are fantastic! We will be celebrating once we reunite! 🙂

Lately I have been having some heart to hearts with my friends. I so appreciate their motivation and advice. With that being said one of them recently said to me…”Megan, when are you ever going to have the chance to jet off to Cambodia for the weekend…for a cafe and yoga? Just go…” In a conversation debating a weekend away after a failed trip I attempted to make to go to Shanghai…you know, something along those lines…so I’m going. At the end of May for a few days. By myself. I simply cannot wait. I am going to Phnom Penh. For Reason #1: Artillery Cafe and Reason #2: Yoga! Phnom Penh…everything else will be amazing too…the food looks delectable and the markets, vibrantly chaotic.

I’ll end with my quote of the day, according to Sarah, my Taiwanese VIP status at it’s best: “My fruit stand just emailed me to let me know that they have my fruit juice ready.” (did I really just say this?) 

cafe owner and his pet SUGAR GLIDER!!!

Jasper..he’s just a baby

8 hour Iced Drip Coffee…delightful.

bright sunny day

Look what I found in the school’s pile of books…

…the student decided we should play “angry” Go Fish…

Nerd Coffee Bean…
Happy Friday March 14th!

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