Metanoia (n.) The journey of changing one’s mind, heart, self, or way of life

Recap of the past couples of weeks…it rained. all last week. (and still continues to rain today!) However, thanks to recent pep talks and self-discipline/motivational videos I set my alarm clock and routinely woke up at the same time. And even when I got less sleep I felt better. (except this week when I was up late talking to my family for Christmas! 🙂 ) I worked out and had great yoga classes including headstands, handstands, and Chinese dancing. Because of all the rain we have been having it has grown colder and my shower water has dipped in temperature as well. My ceiling also started to drip. I contacted my landlord and him and his wife came over to fix the problems. They are such a sweet couple! And they were so impressed that I keep my shoes in the hallway like a typical Taiwanese person and that I kept the place super clean. Good thing I hung up my clothes and did the dishes earlier that day right? I received the loveliest packages…one of coffee beans from an English cafe and another of a mug with the cutest sweater cover, dove chocolates, and scentcies! Week=made. Best coffee ever. So smooth. On Friday the 20th , my crazy class of 7 year olds and I had this conversation: “Teachhherrr outside it’s– in Chinese 毛毛雨–how do you say in English?” Other students translates: “little rain.” (drizzle) I attempt to pronounce…”Teachhherrr you speak Chinese?” (Oh kids, if you only knew how hard I tried and how little I speak…) But I can pronounce this word! 🙂
Went to a Christmas market in Hsinchu with a good friend (She’s from CA) and found…pumpkin pie! Along with freshly roasted coffee beans for hot coffee (local) and a Chocolatier. The Chocolatier resides in Taipei…and they have their own factory. They also make chocolate covered coffee beans. The beans are from their friends’ coffee bean plantation in the southeast part of Taiwan. Delicious. (And I really hope I can make it to his friend’s place to visit their cafe! 8 hours. For a cafe. Yes.) After the Christmas market (there were only a few booths so it didn’t take very long to tour), we decided to get on a train and go to the Neiwan market. We both had been there (only at separate times), but it’s one of our favorite markets. And it’s one of my favorite places in Taiwan. It’s in the mountains…so cozy with the mist and scattered rain drops against the market lantern lighting. Market food is just the best in Taiwan. Now it’s Christmas Eve. Had a party for the kids at school for a couple hours. Then yoga. When I walked into my second hour of yoga today my friend greeted me with a cheery “Merry Christmas,” totally made my night. Waited up to skype the family at 1:30 a.m.

misty mountain


pumpkin pie and coffee, yes please!

***Holidays are always the toughest to be away from family and dear friends, but I couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas day… laughing with the fam via skype, hugs and Merry Christmas wishes from sweet friends in yoga class, coffee at my favorite cafe, kiddos’ craziness, and cake from my co-teachers…plus Taiwan delivers mail on Christmas day so I got to open presents with the family on their Christmas morning!*** So incredibly blessed and no tears this year…

I love this post.
“Do you hear His whisper this morning? “You will find me where you least expect me.”
This, the very most unexpected place, this is where we find Him. Even more, this is where He finds us.”

As I walked back from yoga class and also on my way to school…through the clouds and the mist and the homesickness, I realize that He is all around me. He has shown me himself throughout this entire time…in my kids’ smiles, sweet gestures, tough workouts, and all the family’s laughter back home…and has proven that He is what matters today. His love was sent to us. His Son. Today we are celebrating His birth, not the presents, not the cookies, and not the traditions. But Him. And on this Christmas Day, so far away from loved ones, I have never felt closer to Him. He is making it clearer everyday on why He wants me in Taiwan and it’s unexpected and it’s good.
dancers pose!

my sweet friend

my dancing yoga family

Sisters…near or far…I hold them in my heart.
my lovely co-teachers who can brighten any tearful day!
Thoughts as 2013 fades and another New Year begins…
I feel like I’m on a Metanoia…and that’s a incredible thing. Opening up my heart and mind to what I really want because- let’s face it- ten years ago at 17 I thought I would be married by 25 (ya know give or take a couple years) and living in some city working at a coffee shop or planning events and coming home to my husband in a downtown city condo or something other than exactly what I’m doing now. Now. I didn’t know that life could be like this. I’m doing something with my life that I’ve always dreamed of doing… traveling…living abroad… but I never thought I would be teaching. Crazy how that works, huh? Honestly, I really had this image of me not really doing a whole lot, because back then I didn’t know how to get to where I’m at now; in reality I knew I was capable of doing a whole lot more….and that’s the beauty of life happening, is that when you really want something and dream about it and think about it and deep down know it’s your passion…you’ll find a way to get there. Brilliant.
And this article explains my thoughts. I didn’t like myself, I didn’t like who I was becoming and I knew I needed to change it. So I moved to Korea. And then Chile. After that here to Taiwan. And guess what? I’m probably going to go to another country after this. Slowly I’m seeing a vision. And I’m so excited. To have direction. focus. confidence. inspiration. motivation. I know what I’m envisioning will still take time; I’m learning to be a patient person. Something I struggle with…patience. and goodness knows I need it. lots of it.

Meanderings in my neighborhood:

a couple hours of sun and then it poured

Add caption

fluffy jackets…70 degrees…

I’m on the sidewalk…

pointed to this for my breakfast

busy busy

Saturday the 28th…Found a gold mine of a running path…no stoplights, no cars whizzing by…just me, some fields, some banana trees, and a horizon of high-rise apartment and office buildings…it only took 4 months to find! So thankful…Ran for an hour and the path was still going…the river leads to the ocean I think…one day maybe I’ll run there…!

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