"For all the beauty that you have at your finger tips, take the time to taste it and see it and to be mystified by it. Notice where it leads you…"

-my birthday outfit from the night market!

November 15th


my photo of best friends…taken on Boracay Oct. 2012

It’s a beautiful life.  All this earth. Could all that is lost ever be found. Could a garden come up from this ground? You make Beautiful Things. You make Beautiful Things Out of the Dust. You Make me New… (Gungor) Recent pictures of the Philippine Typhoon disaster remind me that amidst what the beautiful norm is, there is also pain, hurt, devastation, poverty…but we have a choice to see these things as beautiful. They help restore our focus that life on Earth is temporary, how precious life is, how beautiful breaths are…and even though what happened is awful, is terrible, it brings people together, it allows a window of opportunity to bless others, to love others, to remind us to care for each other, to put aside anger, selfishness, social status…and give. I don’t think God sends disasters like these for the evil in the world…they happen because of the evil…He doesn’t promise a life on earth free of pain, but He does promise a life of Love And Life through Him. He has a way of turning an earthly perceived disaster into something we can learn to see as beautiful. And we pray we can work for this beauty. To see the people in need and the situation as Jesus would. We pray for the children left without parents. We pray for the millions without homes, food, and clean water. We pray for the safety of the volunteers. And We pray for everyone who has lost a loved one, may they be comforted in this storm.

A rainbow of hope. God’s promise a storm is never too big for His control. 
one of the hundreds of images of the typhoon aftermath http://www.globalpost.com
our perception of beautiful…
taken on Boracay October 2012

Where does beauty take you? Does it take you to the highest mountain, the most exotic beach, the back alleys of poverty stricken nations, or the neighborhood park or a backyard garden? You don’t need to travel at all to see the beauty life has to offer. It’s in the smiles of your best friends, laughter, the silent good of strangers, the fresh smell of rain, wildflowers, autumn leaves, every sunrise or sunset, even the clouds have a way of being beautiful…it’s in the beggar’s face on the street and the light in their eyes when a single coin is dropped and someone actually looks them in the eye and smiles…and I could go on…
Sunday November 17th

Wow!!! So much Birthday love from across multiple countries and time zones…Thank you all for your sweet words, phone calls, messages, cards, and packages…just so overwhelmed with gratitude! I had a great day…went to brunch with Zoe and Nikki, relaxed, worked out, and later went to the city with Zoe and had a delicious vegetarian meal at a local street side restaurant, then went night market shopping- bought cute gray boots and a gray striped dress for less than $35! fabulous. (The night was chilly…but I like the break from the heat…it’s been rainy and cloudy here all week, but the sun is finally out today.)  Can’t believe I’m 27, but each year keeps getting better! 🙂 Cheers!
Sundays are my quiet days…lazy morning…and usually chores in the afternoons…and Church. Online sermons and my worship radio station…surrounded by cool winds through the window and flickering candles and the smell of a freshly cleaned apartment…
You are good, you are good, and your love endures. Voices in unison…charmed by the instruments…and then your Glory came…You are good, you are good and your love endures…today. Everyday. Goosebumps. Not just on Mondays or Thursday or every other Saturday night…but Everyday. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hExtQFcUjpQ
Today’s church…comes from The Journey STL.  About Worldliness. About How He Is a Jealous God and How He Loves. And He wants ALL of Us. About owning our own failures. Admitting our mistakes. Giving to people rather than placing expectations of how we want them to act or behave a certain way. I have much to think about…pray about…and put into practice.
Birthday workout top from my lovely parents!

thanks Google!!!


天然素食- I had something pronounced…
soo-loo-phan.. I think!!?

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