Sunny and 75.

Tuesday September 24th

I couldn’t decide how to start this post. Should I open with how I love drying my towels? How I sat on a sidewalk bench and laughed with grandparents and their grand baby while I waited? Or why I chose Sunny and 75 as my title? 

I will actually start with this: sometimes the most planned out day turns out better when the plans change. 
The day started out with drying my towels. Simple as it may be, I love drying my towels. Most take it for granted, but I have lived in places where I did not have access to a dryer. I purposely did not bring my iPod because I wanted to sit on a sidewalk bench outside the laundromat and have 35 minutes to think about some things. I arrived, put my clothes in, figured out how to outsmart the laundry machine so it didn’t eat my money, and sat down on my bench. On another bench just a few feet away was this grandma and her grand baby playing. The baby caught my eye and started smiling and giggling. She was probably the cutest thing you’d ever seen. A few minutes later her grandpa appeared and swung her up in his arms. He smiled and waved at me and walked over. He spoke broken English so we had a nice little chat. Then his grand baby reached her arms out to me for a hug so I picked her up and she laid her head on my shoulders. Heart melt. I think she knew I needed a hug today. It was only for a brief moment then she wanted back to grandpa. Such sweet grandparents they were. I had a few moments to contemplate on my bench, but pretty sure spending a short bit with those three was better than hashing out stuff in my mind. 
It was about 10:15 when I headed to the gym for spin class. I arrived, and the class was fully booked. As I was attempting to sign my name to the list a lady approached me: “you’re too late like me!” “You should come to yoga class with me today.” I had been wanting to go to a class, but I had not boughten a yoga mat and you have to bring your own. I explained this to her and she says…let me see what I can do. She went and asked the trainer and he let me borrow a mat from the gym. (It was super nice too!) So I went to my first Chinese yoga class with my new friend and met another friend in the class. It always amazes me how tense I am until I go to yoga and everything cracks and I can feel the tension being released. Lovely. After class, she taught me the Chinese words for ‘relax,’ ‘left,’ and ‘right.’ I think I’ll trade my spin for 7 days of yoga and try to spin at night a couple days a week. Running my 5k today felt better than it had in the past few days. 
In my searches this morning, I also found a new recipe blog via my MuffinTopless workout site. Her mom is gluten-free and has just started posting her recipes. I am quite excited about it! 
Today I also went to the store and bought 고추장 to make my own 비빔만두. Delicious. A Korean favorite I cannot wait to have in just two weeks time when I visit some friends still there! 

Ah I forgot how spicy that stuff actually is!

Let’s go back to this weekend
Moon Festival days off. Typhoon blew through and it was so windy and rainy. Went on my first scooter ride through the city. In the rain. I was with my friend Jessica, who works at the juice stand I frequent on my way to school. We spent Friday google translating our conversations,  hiking a trail, having coffee, Tawainese snacks including… Pig blood. Yep that’s right. I was eating away trying to decide if I liked it before she told me the name- it had a different texture an I couldn’t place the flavour- then she told me and I just couldn’t finish it. We google translated more about ourselves then went to this amazing Thai restaurant and had chicken in a coconut sauce and drank mango juice, I also tried a traditional Thai treat called “momo-jaja” I think is how you pronounce it. It was a wonderful day spent with a new friend even though it was slightly challenging google translating a day’s worth of girl talk. 
On Sunday, I hung out with my teaching assistant Zoe. We watched movies and I tried date-stuffed tomatoes, thousand year old egg, and a traditional Taiwanese fruit that was very good! I’m so lucky to have such a great co-worker as my friend! 
Sunset after the typhoon had calmed.



Today, Wednesday September 25th…

This morning:
Skyped with my Grandma F. So much fun to see her and chat! Love you Grandma!!! Know you’re reading this. 
I was tired, but I knew I had a goal to meet, so I dragged myself on the rooftop area did my workout that included blurpees, mountain climbers, and jumping jacks. 80 jumping jacks in a minute- think that was the most jumping jacks I had EVER done. On to the gym, ran 5K in 27 minutes and 30 seconds, then went to Chinese yoga for the second time. I love it. 
And now looking back at how crappy I felt this morning I went and jammed out one of the best workouts of the week. Mind over Matter. 
My cousin sent me a taste of America and fall today. She is one of the kindest sweetest, most thoughtful people I have ever known. She’s seen me through so much and I can’t thank her enough or express how much I cherish our friendship as cousins. Love you.

So happy. 🙂


After work:

I made flourless peanut butter chocolate blondes from the site. Only to realize I ate almost half the pan… In one sitting… I didn’t mind the slightly burnt bars either! Still trying to get the hang of this toaster oven baking business. 
And yes, they have natural peanut butter in them! (I can get that here) just substituted chopped dove dark chocolate bars for chocolate chips. 


Oh Yum. 

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