Moon Cakes and Smiles

I could very well be the only person who loves Mondays. I really do. Saturday (9/14) was a rough day at school. Yes, school. The government is giving the people (public workers and students) an extra day off this week to celebrate Moon Festival, their autumn holiday that falls on a Thursday. I’m excited to have a four day weekend, but my goodness these kids have been going for 6 days now and are completely exhausted, restless, and moody. When you have one of your brightest, best students look at you with big brown eyes and tell you No, teacher I don’t want to do anything, I just want sleep, you know it’s been a long day. Needless to say I was exasperated by the time I walked out the doors on Saturday.

Mondays make everything better. I had a great talk with my Chinese assistant in regards to responsibility, discipline, rules, and high maintenance parents and ironed some concerns out. The kids were full of energy and their usual craziness, which I have come to find is better than a sulky student in a desk not saying anything. I had some of my best classes today. We received a gift of moon cakes and treats from the director today too!
Last week I started a workout program and in the middle of my Superset 3 after jumping jacks for a minute, mountain climbers for a minute, and now I was on my 10th blurpee for the third time I found myself complaining in my head about how much I hated all those exercises. Like truly hate. My friend, Jen, can attest to this as we would do the exercises and I would be bouncing on one foot or doing some other random move while she was over there workin’ it. My ponytail has never looked so perfect in a workout either. Every excuse not to do those dreaded exercises. Then I had this thought: I GET to do 10 blurpees. I was the one who wanted to do this program. I’m the one who wants to challenge myself to be stronger and healthier and more fit. No more complaining. Then I realized after mentally and physically completed that Superset I felt better than I did doing exercises I already enjoyed and I was one step closer to my goal. Amazing. The exercise didn’t kill me and it made me stronger… Thank you Kelly Clarkson for singing those lyrics. 🙂
This morning around 6 am I looked at my messages I received from the night before. My little sister had texted me a link to an article. So while the sun rose and flooded my room with light (I seriously can’t get enough of my view or the sunrise, or the wind that had finally calmed down) I read. And I read these words and they struck a chord and I relished in how rightly put these words were and I seriously wanted to be this girl’s BFF. She writes: What if my aim was to love people well, and to fully embrace the gifts I’ve been given? Would that be enough? What if my life goal was to simply run the race, to be called a good and faithful servant?

Yes. You say it sister. I love to love. I love people. I love what I do. I love loving people in every corner of this world. My family knows this love. So do my friends. But there are so many who don’t have love, know love or someone who loves them. I do. I know that someone and have HIM in my life. He who loves everyone, loves me, how could I not share that with everyone? His love brought me to Korea, to Chile, and now to Taiwan… And I have no idea where He will bring me next. In time, he will show me, but now I am finding people to show love to in my current surroundings. And I have… The student with the mental disability whom everyone labels as “the problem”, the rowdy disruptions in level 2, the bright students who don’t get enough attention, my professor, my juice stand lady who sends me google translated emails saying how excited she is that she found a friend…and I know I’ll meet more… 

Elva and Ruby, too cute!
Moon cakes
Happy Monday!

Can’t get enough! 

This past Sunday (9/15) I was invited to the Moon Festival Night Market with one of my teaching assistants and her family. Look at all the… Fun things! From grilled squid, fried quails eggs, chicken legs, oyster omelette, to fresh watermelon juices and waffles… A million stands of things to buy… iPad covers, life sized Minions, clothes, and games to win trinkets! 
At the bottom are trinkets for the kids, at the top are full bottles of alcohol for the adults.
Quail eggs
My assistant (Nikki) translated everything for me! How sweet is that?!

Tuesday (9/17) I decided to go to the beach… It was so windy and the tide was so far out that you could barely make out the waves… even with the drawbacks there’s something relaxing about the salty air and ocean horizon. And thank goodness for random 7-11s just a short distance away so that I could call a cab to take me back home… 🙂 it was a nice afternoon…


Fishing port

I climbed up 

For this view

My ledge I walked on

Wednesday…in my USA class I have a student who has a learning disability or mental handicapped- I’m not sure the correct term…today was insane. I’ve never been in a classroom like this- he came in kicking and screaming with his Chinese teacher, she scurried out to block the door so he couldn’t escape, he ran to the door and started banging it, then turned his rage to a desk and started banging it all around and punching the air, then another Chinese teacher came in and yelled at him so then he starts crying… And he just stands in the middle of the room while the others sit with looks of terror on their faces. Oh my goodness! All of a sudden- it was the oddest things- he noticed the crayons and paper and sticker I had out on his desk and he just walked over and out the sticker on his cheek and pulled me over and motioned he wanted another for his other cheek… You know what buddy? Whatever is going to make you calm and not scare the other students… Ill give you another one. 
This evening made me so proud- I had my group of three middle schoolers give their opinions today- They each chose 5 topics then we discussed what we thought. So proud of their topics: traveling the world, learning languages, drinking soda pop, having pets, eating too much, sleeping in class… Etc! “sometimes I sleep in PE class” how? “I sleep run, it’s a new thing.” Yes. 🙂 

They loved cutting out shapes!

Bracing myself for the typhoon that’s supposed to hit soon… Chinese take out just took on a whole new meaning- it’s “legit” Chinese! Ha! Sesame noodles and spicy wontons… Not fried. Still wishing I had my girls for a Wednesday Wine Night… Cheers ladies! Xx 


So happy for a 4 day weekend to re-energize and relax! 🙂 

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