Enchanted. God’s asking to delight ourselves in Him. The ecstasy of exalting the Most High. We should have the greatest joy in pleasing Him. As I begin to  have a deeper understanding of how to become a woman of God, I see that my earthly desires of being safe, having a good job, and traveling the world are mere shadows to wanting to know Him more. Whether I’m on the island of Taiwan or another foreign country, in the middle of nowhere, or in my homeland seeking His will is above all. He knows the conditions I have lived through and even though my apartment and situation in Taiwan is more than I could ask for, who’s to say it will last? All I can do is give thanks for every circumstance and be excited about each life adventure.

My deposit!
Taiwanese currency
So much space I don’t even know what to do!
My luxury high rise view. Well luxury in my world. 
I was supposed to sign my lease on the second, but the landlord forgot and didn’t show up to the meeting. I ended up giving Erin’s deposit back to her out of the money I owed for my deposit and she handed over the keys. Without signing the lease… Is this normal? Perhaps not, but apparently it’s all good. What a relief to unpack and settle in to my own place! It feels sooo wonderful! The weather has been warm and breezy so the windows have been open! 
My apartment in Jhubei… Also spelled Zhubei and Chupei… Is on the 15th floor. It has a beautiful courtyard entrance. The room itself is airy and spacious, with plenty of storage to actually unpack! It has a full sized bed, desk, big tv, balcony with a washer, windows, and a full bathroom with a tub! The kitchen is a countered space along the wall and a refrigerator, but the teacher I replaced left her electric portable stove and toaster oven. The building has a nice rooftop viewing area as well. It’s situated across the street from the Sheraton and catty corner from a Starbucks. However, a better, cheaper local cafe is in my building! The building also houses a bank, a few restaurants, and a Family Mart. (Like Korea.) Being on the 15th floor also allows the island breezes to filter in when the windows are open! So, if you’re ever in Asia you’re more than welcome to crash here! I have extra cushioned mats and a half a dozen pillows! 🙂 
My first full week of teaching! Everything is going well. The students are adorable though they get a little crazy and restless sitting in a two hour English class. I try to make the material as entertaining and fun as possible! I may have gotten scolded  for letting them be too loud the other day… Poor kids and a phonics lesson… Whisper the words then shout! They loved it. Gotta figure out how to tone it down I guess… I’m starting to see their personalities come out. Oh boy so much attitude! It’s gonna be a fun year! PS there’s also a fresh fruit juice and smoothie stop on my way to work- my usual? A honey lemon juice or mango smoothie! 🙂 so happy! 

Mango smoothie for work! 

Gym schedule!

Sunny World. The name of my gym just around the corner. They offer many classes including spinning and yoga. I went to my first spinning class the other day at 10:40 am- take note it’s not 5:30 am. 🙂 it was all in Chinese including the peppy pop music,  minus the random Jason DeRulo “Whatcha Say” song. What a hot mess of a workout! Phew! Finally I wasn’t the only one sweating! 
Cheers to Friday morning mug cakes and amazing Americanos! Gotta the love the beans being roasted right in front of me. Found a country radio station online that I can stream from my iPod. Relaxing morning before my busiest day- USA- beginner conversation class, Level 2, my middle school 3-1 lesson, and another private lesson with the sociology professor. 
Mug cake and Americano- turns out a toaster oven works just as well! 

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