Teacher Training in Taipei

First of all the concept of teacher training for a foreigner teaching in Asia is almost unheard of. So when my director approached me with a google map of corporate headquarters in Taipei and informed me of the teacher training schedule for Saturday (Aug 31) and Sunday (Sept 1), I was rather shocked. But at the same time, relieved and excited to have some direction as to how to deliver the school’s implemented curriculum. 

I took the shuttle outside my apartment to the HSR- high speed rail- got on a train to the Taipei Main Station. The route is only 30 minutes. Once in Taipei, I navigated another metro station to my stop. Mind you the D translated to T for Tamsui stop. (Aiyaya!) Found the corporate office across the street from the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial. (A beautiful square with gardens and palace like buildings in the middle if concrete towers and bustling scooter filled streets) 
Training went well! I met a couple other teachers teaching in Hsinchu City and Taipei with my same school chain. They were really nice. We ate at a vegetarian buffet for lunch and got juice at an organic fresh juice stand. (Had a pineapple guava on Saturday and kumquat lemonade on Sunday) delicious! 
My hotel was on the top floor of a random building just a few blocks from the training. It was a decent room with a bed and hot shower. They were so worried it wasn’t going to be big enough- oh please I’ve stayed in some pretty small places and its just me! Haha. I stopped at a street vendor and asked what he was selling cuz I couldn’t tell if it was bread or cake or what! He was so convincing telling me it was fresh hot sponge cake that he just made… Couldn’t say no! It was pretty good, but so much cake! He wouldn’t cut a smaller piece for me- don’t worry I didn’t eat all of it! Then I bought a mango smoothie. It was a relaxing evening listening to the rain outside. Thank goodness for rain boots and umbrellas! 
Training was let out around 5 on Sunday and I was back in Jhubei by 6:08. Shuttled home and met Erin at her/ now my apartment. She finished laundry and then we went to DRY it at the coin laundry. While we waited we had a waffle and mango shaved ice at the Style Humanistic Cafe that’s 24 hours and just around the corner! 
Happy 8 days in Taiwan to me. Getting ready for my first full week of teaching this week! 

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