My Chilean guilty pleasure? Manjar and Crackers

My time in Chile is coming to an end. Last week at my host family’s was spent relaxing and hanging out with them. We ate late lunches everyday. It was nice to spend time with them when my host mom wasn’t working and her Columbian man had finally moved in! 

I was able to meet my yoga student’s mother and see her art shop. She makes jewelry out of copper and Chilean stones. I also spent time with another dear student of mine and her family one evening. Said goodbye to my cafe guy and to the people at my gym. The receptionist and my spinning instructor both were teary eyed. I am going to miss these special people! 
One of the last onces I had was empanadas from Casa de Empanadas (based in Pichilemu, but they have a branch in Rancagua). On Friday the 26th, my host family drove  me to Santiago and we ate lunch above the market place. Best Cazuela ever! My host family is the sweetest. So hospitable and kind. I wrote them a letter and gave my host mom a necklace thanking her for welcoming me into their home. 

Arrived to my hostel I would be staying at with my friend Maria from NY (she left today!) for the next few days around early evening. I met up with other volunteers that I had befriended the first week in Chile during orientation. Had a pisco sour with LA Hannah, coffee the next day with UK Hannah, and saw my Camp friend Hannah very briefly as she was on her way back to Chanco… I’m so glad I could meet these fun friends! 
Since I didn’t earn any money these past few months as the English Opens Doors Program is a volunteer service, I had to do Santiago on the cheap- spending lots of money is not really an option at this point! Went to art museums, market places, ate fresh fruit and street food, walked around in the San Cristóbal and Santa Lucia parks, worked out, and found happy hours. So many things to do for free or almost free in this amazing city! (Think its one of my favorite international cities!) 

Back to the states in a few days! Thank you Chile for the laughs, the memories, the delightful kids to teach, the crazy Chilean slang, for teaching me so much about myself, and for all the new friends I’ve made!!! ~Besos 

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