Miss Megan, thanks for your help and for coming to my country…

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this girl makes me smile everytime on FaceTime
love her!

Sunset from my bathroom window…
peaceful Monday…

What’s your view from Zumba class?!! 


just another horse and cart on my run…

Sunset Saturday…
listening to Easy like Sunday morning
cake and coffee…
Reading Radical…


Friday June 28th

6 a.m. came way too early with the sound of rain pounding on the roof…but today was the English Competition! My friend in the English department, Camila, and I attended the competition with 8 kids ranging from first to eighth grade. The morning started a bit slow, but by the end we were awake! So EXCITING! 1 third place, 2 second places, and 1 first place in the various age groups and categories! We are so proud of our students— they did amazing!!! Went back to classes in the afternoon then watched the school academies do their semester presentations. The “basico” cheerleaders’ routine could kick any U.S. team’s butt, they were crazy good! 🙂

my dear Cami!


my minion present! Thanks Francisco!

Saturday June 29th

Last minute on Friday night my friend Hannah and I decided on a quick afternoon in Santiago. Much needed. It was so nice to catch up face to face, have a Starbucks Vanilla latte, a delicious lunch and almond ice-cream dessert, and walk in the city! I love Santiago. It’s probably one of my most favorite cities ever! I’m so glad we could meet up especially since her birthday is on Monday. We also went back to our health food store to get almond and soy milk…and this time…they had SILK. Vanilla. Almond Milk! Happiness in a box. Got home and had a lovely conversation with Grandma and my sister. What a great weekend!

Written on Sunday July 7th…

Wednesday was my last yoga class…so sad! We took pictures and ate cake. On Thursday the girls came in with a framed photo of us! So incredibly sweet. I love them. We also had a 4th of July Celebration!!!

Friday I had solo classes because the other English teachers had meetings in Santiago. My kids were so well-behaved, I was so proud of them. Two boys who usually misbehave offered to help me get the class in order. They wrote me cards and notes. When I feel like I haven’t made a difference and I read a card that says, “I will remember everything you taught me, please don’t forget me, I love you;” my heart melts into a puddle.

One student writes…

Miss Megan, thanks for your help and for coming to my country. I know that you return to your country, but I will not forget everything you taught me and I hope we meet again someday Miss Megan. from R.S. the boy who won the second place in the English Competition of 5B.

Sunday, today, I met with my student-friends, we went to McDonalds and had McFlurries! (Sometimes a girl needs her french fries and ice-cream.) I am gonna miss these kids, they are so cool…one of the girls plays the guitar and sings- she played me a song she had “covered.”

my sweet yoga girls!

gonna miss these smiling faces!

Happy Fourth of July!

He was an exchange student in NE!
my 5B class
my 6A class

movie watching…


my 5C class!

Gonna miss alll these crazy kids!!!
I thank them for all their laughs and smiles and hugs and enthusiasm!

yummy snickers McFlurry and fries…
showing the kids to dip the fries in the ice-cteam…

mi amiga- Sophie!!! 🙂

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