These are the days of miracles and wonder. This is a long distance call.

It’s been awhile since I’ve just written. So here goes my ramblings…you know when you think your life is headed in one direction and within two weeks it does a complete 180? Well it seems to always happen to me…sometimes I face that direction and the scenery changes or I see the scenery before me and everything changes including the scenery. What once made sense as a direction to follow no longer does. I’m not completely sure where this next direction is taking me…but I’ll give you a hint…I. am. so. excited! The last couple of weeks have been a mental challenge for me, however, I am beginning to see my life in a new light!

I have also been reading this short-read called Radical. Yes, I am only on chapter 3, but it’s hitting home hard. I just can’t grasp the fact that churches are spending millions of dollars on state of the art facilities, yet can barely scrape up the money to help Sudanese refugees. I can’t. stand. it. I really hope that God can hear me without a microphone…especially when there are people huddled in a secret place whispering so they aren’t heard by persecutors, praying that God hears their prayers. It’s also changing my thought process…the little things I complain about like having to get out of my hot shower because I know the air is freezing and the house isn’t heated. Petty problems like this I have started to make note of and just. stop. Chiding myself for being so complanitive when I know others may not even have A. hot water B. clean water to shower in or C. the ability to shower… And this is what I think of as my hot shower turns luke-warm.

So this week I have focused on things that make me happy…here are some snapshots that make my day!

sea lions from Valdivia

Monday Morning

love my cousin!

Love my Wednesday yoga class!

Miss can we do yoga longer?

just add wine and fabulous friends! 

getting ready to act out the dialogue!

the peace sign exists in Chile!


Wednesdays are my favorite day. They have been since high school. Wednesdays in Chile are my yoga classes and often times I hang out with friends. Last night we ate this delicious dish and played cards and drank wine. I do enjoy evenings in just hanging out.

Today, June 20th…I started my day with the 5th graders acting out a dialogue. They did awesome! And I definitely helped them on their exclamation point usage! haha. Then I left that class early because the preK and K needed a sub (45 minutes each). I was really proud of myself for just going into the class and not having it totally fall apart. In K, we went over professions and did a workbook activity; then in PreK I read them the “Little Red Hen.” I made up actions as I went along…so fun! After those classes I went back to my 6th graders as they were finishing giving their final debates on the topic of “school uniforms.” Francisco and I are so proud of them!!! The students have worked really hard preparing and thinking of their own opinions. Us allowing them to create something of their own is a huge step! 🙂 We are so excited about our students’ improvements!

June 21st…

The day started out a bit odd…we were running late to begin with..then my host mom gets a phone call. A student had passed away during the night. A 7th grader…A tragedy. Walked into a class of sobbing 4th graders…what do you do when you can’t communicate during a devastating time? Hugs. Lots of hugs. The rest of the day went downhill from there as I tried to manage 7 classes with chaotic distracted kids. It’s not their fault and I felt terrible for breaking down…but please kids could you just be quiet for 2 seconds so I can explain the activity and then you can talk in your groups? What do you do when an announcement comes about the student’s death in the middle of an already crazy class? I tried to keep it together. I was so thankful when 3:45 rolled around and I could just breathe.

Sometimes a hug and a phone call are the best answers. God’s hug in the sunken clouds on this solemn day. Add Paul Simon and this gray day is complete.

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