Why would you get on a bus for 12 hours?

June 17th, 2013

So why would I get on a bus for 12 hours? To see great friends, visit another Chilean city, drink coffee, and see sea lions of course! Last Thursday, Hannah and I met at the Landay Barceló Hostel in Santiago to catch an early bus to Valdivia on Friday. The hostel was beautiful…hardwood floors, rod iron spirals in the entrance. Though a bit difficult to find, it was on a quiet street and a true gem in the city. We found a classy cafe called the Cosmopolitan (Brasil 268), with the best dessert. Cheers to being reunited!

In the morning we got on the 7 a.m. bus for Valdivia. The 12 hours flew by, being able to catch up and look out at the scenery passing helped pass the time. We met Hannah at our hostel, Totem, in Valdivia that night and went out for our traditional pisco sours and food at Cafe Palace. 
The rest of the weekend flew by. We visited the Kuntsmann brewery and drank honey and blueberry beer, drank coffee and enjoyed cake at Entrelagos Chocolateria, and ate at local restaurants, and walked through the quaint city of Valdivia. It was a rainy weekend, but the lush green landscapes, laughs, and chats made for a great time!

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