al fin de semana en Valparaiso y Santiago!

Korean bests
miss you!

Ahhh…time is flying!!!

lunch in Valpo

fun friends, oreos, and wine…
sitting on a park bench
near the port…

people watching
and pigeons

our seal lion friend..
it’s like the zoo came to us today!

angry bird cupcakes!

gray rainy day in Valpo…

creme brulee…
coffee in the rain…

in a bar that played awesome live music…
we ate lunch above the market!

view from my bus window


hostel graffiti 

attempt at finding a winery

beautiful area…
but no luck
at sitting on a patio sipping a glass…

instead we found a yummy restaurant
and bought a bottle…

sunset in Santiago!

sunset in Machali after one tough day of teaching


God is good!

sunny Saturday…

walking around Machali

more sun!

sunrise on a Sunday…

my student!

my student!
more fun with my HS students!

no te preocupes
se feliz…
don’t worry,
be happy! 🙂

Ok…here goes for the last few weeks!

Holiday weekend. Heck yes. Having Monday and Tuesday May 21 and 22 off work meant meeting up with my two Hannahs from orientation…one from L.A. and the other from England. After school on Friday the 17th I headed to the bus stop. I actually got an earlier bus from the time on my ticket I had bought the day before. Traffic to Santiago wasn’t bad, but once in the city it was jam packed. I met this random guy on the bus and he chatted with me a bit and gave me directions to the subway stop (in Spanish) as I ended up getting off the bus and walking to the actual stop because it was going to take another half hour or so to drive 3 blocks. Crazy. We arrived within a half hour or so of each other, but it was so crowded and we ended up being at three separate stations, all within a couple blocks, so we grabbed the subways and met up at Bellavista nook. Time for pisco-sours and nachoes at a Mexican place on Dardignac street! We stayed at Hostel 269 (the one I stayed at my first night in Santiago). We love that place! So clean and comfortable!

The next day (Saturday) we got up early for breakfast before heading to the bus station to catch our bus to Valparaiso. It was a rainy day, but the clouds were cool and the air smelled like fall. I didn’t mind having a little rain on my head. Taxied it to Angel Hostal (Cumming 160, Valparaíso 2371935, Quinta Región de Valparaíso, Chile) and landed ourselves in a prime location brimming with colorful walls, cafes, bars, and restaurants, and a short walk to the port. We had lunch at a lovely place with a combination: a meat dish served with a salad, side, dessert, and wine for 4200 pesos. What a steal. The place was literally steps from our hostel. The rain had died down…only a few off and on sprinkles at this point. Walked up and down hills and made our way to the local convenient store for oreos and wine. Once getting our provisions we headed down to the port. Lovely view of the ships, a stray seal lion, stray dogs, pigeons, and people…lead to lots of laughs! Wandered around for a bit more. Went to a cafe on a hill…coffess and creme bruless of lavander, chocolate, and mint as the rain started again. Relaxed after that and took a short nap. Later that evening we went for sushi (again just around the corner) and drinks with ginger that were amazing!!! (think it may have helped with my cold?) Headed to random bar with live music. Dad, you would’ve loved this place. Such talented artists. Perfect end to a fun day!

Sunday meant getting up and finding a delicious breakfast and coffee…again just up the hill and around the corner. Cutest cafe. With books. And coffee. And amazing cake. I have the biggest sweet tooth ever. Give me something chocolate at 10 a.m. and I’m happy. 🙂 We walked around a bit back towards the market so Hannah could meet a friend from the states who happened to also be teaching in Chile. Ended up eating lunch above the market. Though I wasn’t really hungry I just ate an empanada. Still delicious. Found the bus stop and headed to Santiago around 3 p.m. Arrived and headed to our new hostel. Bellavista Hostel
(Dardignac 0184 – Providencia, Barrio Bellavista)..another lucky pick…again blocks from restaurants, subway, and night life. We had Mediterranean food and wine tonight. Went to bed a bit early to try an attempt at finding a winery the following day.

Monday. After subwaying it to the middle of almost nowhere, then getting in a collectivo searching for the winery, we got on a bus back to sit on a patio and just drink wine while enjoying a few hours of daylight and warmth. Excellent wine and Bistec a lo pobre- french fries with meat, onions, and fried egg topped…delicious! Then we decided to go to HM for some shopping! It was kinda late afterwards…had onces at Starbucks, but on our way back we decided to go to the Plaza and walk around. Wandered and ending up finding a health food store with almond milk in the Bellas Artes barrio, also picked up some wine and snacks to eat on our outdoor patio at the hostel. What a relaxing weekend with two fabulous friends!!!

Tuesday morning brought melancholy good-byes to Han on her 8 hour bus ride and future planning to visit Valdivia soon! Had a Starbucks with Hannah before catching a noon bus. Since it was a holiday the streets were quiet making for a pleasant fall morning in the city.

Wednesday and Friday (22 and 24)…my head teacher was judging debates these days and I had about 8 hours of 35 kids to myself. I was so proud of them. They were so well-behaved. Though Wednesday was more stressful than Friday, the kids were fairly good except for the fourth graders who were chaotic. Yikes! My 5th graders were so awesome that during one of the writing exercises you could hear a pin drop. They spoke so much English and seemed very motivated as well which is a huge plus! On Wednesday after my yoga workshop my high school girls asked for it to go longer because they were enjoying it so much, so now we are doing an hour and 15 minutesish! Even though one of them admitted that she couldn’t understand all of my words, she loves the class because it’s relaxing to her…yay!

Over the weekend I just hung out and went to a couple cafes to think and write and spend time with God. I’m starting this new study on Prayer and it’s giving me a better perspective on Prayer with God and deepening my faith and confidence on a new level. My quiet time was needed; I have realized that sometimes I need that alone time to make me more aware of myself as a person and what makes sense in life. Though it may not be a cultural norm, I need to realize that it’s ok to be different. 🙂 I was able to catch up with friends and family which was so nice!

Monday May 27th brought a rainy morning and soaking wet feet all day, though I did remember my umbrella, skyped a dear friend, and got an Americano to start my day! Apparently we are in flood warnings and it’s supposed to rain for 3 days. Maybe I’ll risk getting made fun of and wear my rain boots! 🙂 Went to a random High School class today…they are so entertaining…I just love them! I helped grade a presentation then went to my normal class. Had my English conversation workshop and this is what one of my sweetest students says to me…””Miss I just have to tell you how I always tell my mom that I love Mondays and she thinks I’m crazy, but I tell her I get to see Megan and speak English and I just love English and you are so cool. So I was thinking you could come have lunch with my family someday?” Heartmelt. Being in Chile? Worth it. Teaching? Worth it. Love love love!

Sunday June 2nd
I had lunch with my student’s family today. They are so sweet and kind. Fernanda speaks English very well and it was a lot of fun hanging out with her and her family. We ate a delicious lunch, then went for a walk…and they showed me vacation pictures of Easter Island. Lots of laughter…

Oh my goodness time is flying…it’s now June 7th! This week I was with the little kids and I reviewed vocabulary with them using actions…it was awesome to get them all participating and having fun! They are adorable. Had my yoga workshop this week as well…and the girls wanted to stay til 5:30 so we did. Went to cardiobox and spinning class on Monday, yesterday went to ZUMBA. I’ve never had a male ZUMBA instructor before…he was quite the character and did some slightly provocative moves if I do say so myself. Eek! I’m going to rest this weekend, next week is busy, and then I’m heading to Valdivia with Hannah and Hannah!

June 8th: What a fun day!!! On Friday I spent the day with a high school teacher, and I assisted with a couple assignments including interview questions and have you ever? In one of my classes a group of students sat me down…the conversation basically went like this: “Miss, get over here. we need to chat.¨ uh ok. (they pull up a chair for me) “sit down miss. you need to speak Spanish with us.” alright I´ll try. ¨ok good miss. now miss, say something in Spanish for us.¨ I say a few words. (there’s like 10 of them gathered in a circle) ¨so miss, we are going to get food next Saturday, will you join us?¨ aww well next Saturday I’m traveling to Valdivia. “aw miss…we all want to talk to you so how about this weekend?” We set a time and met at a cafe. It was one of the best afternoons. They are so funny!!! We are going to see a movie together in a couple weeks. After hanging out with them I went to meet Jeka (my friend I go to the gym with- she is also a P.E. teacher at the school) and her mom, and Francisco for onces. It was delicious…a lomo (meat) sandwich with tomato and avocado! Her mother is so sweet and her home is beautiful, cozy, and warm. When I got back home, I was able to FaceTime Brittany and Sarah…they were in NY together for Jen’s shower. I am super bummed I couldn’t make it, but it was wonderful to talk to them together…missing them both so much! (Seriously, gotta love technology!)

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