"Limbo" by Daddy Yankee

Saturday May 11th

Oh my goodness today was a productive day! Laundry done in the a.m. (Gotta love just tossing everything in one load!) Then set off on my second post office adventure (The first in Santiago, now my town.) My host mom had made me a map (You all know how well I can read maps and follow street directions. Lost. Every time.) I got into a colectivo around 11. The post office is only open from 10 til 1p.m. on Saturdays. Today I found it…after heading down a street just a block over for a few minutes…however, I knew where I was from my getting lost the other week. After mailing my things, I set out to just wander and find a fun place to have coffee. I was walking along the main street behind the plaza area where there isn’t a main street…just a sidewalk lined with shops and restaurants and vendors and came across a bookstore that read Cafe 2* Piso…cafe on the second floor…so I wandered in and went upstairs…at first I didn’t see the cafe area…there was a painting area near the windows and more shelves of books, and an artists nook to buy paints and supplies. When I found it the barista showed me the coffee beans…Starbucks. Dark Espresso Roast. (My favorite!) He gave me a funny look when I wanted it black. No sugar or milk. A lovely cup of coffee after missing my sisters and family and Saturday mornings laughs and waffles, my day is getting better. I chatted with the barista in Spanish for a bit. I got out of the conversation as best I could that apparently he wants to have wine with me…hmmm. I’ll probably just end up giggling the whole time because I get so nervous and I can’t speak Spanish enough to have a fluent conversation. One can only say “me gusta…blah blah blah” so many times. Oh dear. (little did I know he would become a stalker 2 days later! ack!)
Places in Chile sometimes don’t have their own restrooms. Supposedly there are public restrooms in the main market area but I didn’t realize this until I was at a different place hoping to sit down and have lunch. The place ended up not having lunch items like I thought, so I ended up ordering a decadent lemon pastry with blueberries and more imported coffee that was delicious as well. And the whole time I really just had to use the restroom. Then I tried hailing a colectivo which was taking forever so I just hopped on a micro instead and of course he has to stop every 10 feet or so it seemed! Finally I was near the cinema, so I got off and ran into the cafe and said as fast as I could ¿Dónde está el baño por favor? Seriously. It’s just one thing I am not used to is trying to find a restroom in a cafe area! Now on to the fruit stand.
The lady at the fruit stand and I are friends. I think. Except today she was rambling on in English words and I was so confused because she was also speaking randomly in Spanish really fast. Anyways…she’s the nicest lady and I buy a lot of fruit from her; it’s so cheap!
On my way home now… for the past few weeks I’ve really gotten out of shape…I mean I still run about 5 times a week, but not very far. I had been lifting a ton of weights and had been doing so much cardio in the past few months that I’ve really begun to miss it…sooo…I forked over the money and got a gym membership. They have spin, yoga, zumba, salsa, cardio pump…etc! I’m so excited! 2 months of kicking my butt at the gym and my Chilean diet of artisan bread (I can’t say no to that toasted with avocado!) and cappuccino cookies (so good) won’t have anything on me! I’ve gotta do this!

Sunday May 12th

Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful mother! Thank you for always believing in me and encouraging me to follow my dreams and for loving me unconditionally…I love you!!!

Congratulations to my brother for graduating HS…Jake, I’m so proud of you and I wish I could be there to help celebrate today! Love ya!

Called my Mom this morning. 5,400 miles apart…thank goodness for technology in times like this. Missing my family this weekend. Everyone was all together for my brother’s HS graduation. I knew I would be missing it…but when the time comes around I always get melancholy and a bit homesick.

Spent the day relaxing, cleaning, and…going to the gym! I loved it! They have equipment from the states and so many machines. Beautiful sunset tonight and a quiet evening to myself before another busy week. 🙂

Monday May 13th

Most. Intense. Spinning. one hour solid of fast music. no down time. and I forgot my towel and water bottle. never again will I do that…oops. Ugh it feels good to sweat! Feeling great after a hectic morning.

15 minutes before classes started we decided to split the class. I reviewed for the test…months, days, numbers, and how to write the date. I also worked on the pronunciation of  ¨November.¨ During the game I had the opportunity to show them how important it is to pronounce the word right or you wll spell it wrong…one student wrote ¨Nobenber¨ because that´s how she kept pronouncing it…the other wrote ¨November.¨ I hope they do well on their tests on Tuesday.

After classes and my English workshop, I attended a Mother´s day presentation by the Pre-K and K classes. Oh. my. goodness. The most adorable program I have ever seen. Each class had a different song and theme. They sang snipets of each song dubbed with Mother´s day lyrics. For example, Rock You was dubbed with ¨she rocks like a star¨ or something like that and the kids dressed up like rockstars! Precious. 🙂

Tuesday May 14th
3 days til wine and ocean with my lovely volunteer friends! simply cannot wait!

Made an avocado, spinach, strawberry, chocolate smoothie this afternoon after an awesome weight lifting session. Gotta kick it into gear. I love the feeling of feeling stronger! I never used to lift weights this much and now…welllll I really like it!

Tonight I got on a Micro towards Jumbo by myself. (yay!) It was a bummer when my friend couldn’t make it because of staying late, but it turned out to be a nice evening. I went to get a pedicure and manicure at French Beauty in the marketplace area. Best pedicure ever! So wonderful. And only 16,000 pesos. Not bad for a great service! I also found a Dunkin Donuts…yummy hot chocolate on this cold evening! Took a taxi home…ugh they are kinda pricey, but it was late and I didn’t want to wait around for a micro.

You know the best people that you have met? You always remember the place and time where you had your first connection. Whether it’s on a vacation or regular cafe or in a living situation; I always remember first laughing with the people in my life. I’m just reflecting on the past 4 years…so much has happened since graduating college…it’s life happening…I know life happens everyday…even when I’m in school…but this I feel is “real life.” Making plans and following through with dreams and inviting people to spend time in your own crazy life. Not just partying and saying hi, but really getting to know these people and each time spent, creating a memory to last more than a couple hours. My mind is so happy, but sometimes my heart is heavy, for I wish I could share so many experiences with everyone that I’m close to. I hope each knows that I think of them and cherish our friendship no matter what the circumstance. You know who you are. 🙂

Wednesday May 15th
mucho frioooo!!!! oh so very cold!

Held another yoga session today. I adore it. Absolutely adore teaching each class. I don’t think I’m very flowy, but I think it’s so cool that the girls enjoy the classes. Yay! (Maybe I’ll go to India someday and get certified…) My regular classes are going quite well too.

After school, Francisco and Catalina and I went and got coffee…they are so much fun! Now I’m just catching up on my blog and thinking about life…

Went to salsa and spin class with F…dancing salsa is one of my favorites- in workout clothes it’s even better and Spin class was a tough workout! Whohoo!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6BTjG-dhf5s “Limbo,” by Daddy Yankee

Thursday May 16th
Happy Anniversary to my lovely parents!!!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kOah0lmEQa8. yes. perfect. love this mix!

Today I had class with 5B by myself. My head teacher had a meeting so he asked me to just take the class. They were so talkative today, but they accomplished taking the quiz, so I guess it was a productive day! Serious craziness though. So many kids speaking Spanish a mile a minute…so many voices, so many words I don’t understand, and so many questions…ahhhh! Thank goodness for two of my best students who helped to translate. 🙂 They were awesome today!

After school I went to the bus terminal to buy my ticket for tomorrow…I didn’t realize that there would be so many companies saying Sanitago! Santiago! Ummm…Necesito un pasaje a Santiago para el viernes a las cuatro y media por favor?! Well they all wanted me to get on the next bus to Santiago…so I had to explain that I needed a ticket for tomorrow…so I make sure I get a seat since it’s a holiday weekend! Cannot wait T-24 hours til I’m drinking wine with two lovely ladies!

This evening I went over to another teacher’s home where she had onces for a small group of us teachers. I enjoy hanging out with everyone and listening to their Spanish trying to figure out and learn what they are saying. I am getting better at understanding and comprehending their rapid speaking! yay! The teachers showed me the National Dance- “Cueca.”

If it’s one thing Chile has helped me do is go with the flow…relax…and laugh. So much. 
Laugh and laugh and laugh. 

my Starbucks!


2nd cafe!

I have the biggest sweet tooth ever…
no wonder I joined the gym!

biggest avocados ever!!!


pretty mountains!

spinning room!

sun coming through the clouds on my Monday morning!

I’m the freak who asks strangers who are
wearing Nebraska clothing if they have
traveled to Nebraska.
And then ask them to take a picture with me.
In Spanish.

my nails! ahh!
sometimes a girls gotta feel pretty!

Britney- this one is for you!!!

my toes!
ahhmazing pedicure!

tiniest mocha! cute 🙂

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