a perk to having a window in the bathroom…

Monday May 6th
I’ve started to crave my daily avocado and bread…

Mission for the day? Go to the Registro Civil to pick up my ID card. Alone. (Check!) I got into a collectivo, said the place, went in, waited 10 minutes or so, walked out and directed another collectivo back to my area. I found out today that my cafe opens at 9 a.m.! So happy.

My musings as I sit and enjoy the morning…
clear blue skies edged with white tips from the mountains. for the next few months this won’t ever get old and I’ll probably continue to talk aout this majestic site.
I woke up early to go to the Registro Civil to pick up my ID card, and now I sit having a conversation in her fluent and my broken Spanish with my cafe lady, Jessica. Slowly I am learning to speak. I have the words in my head I just can’t spit them out. So she continues to talk. She is studying kinesiology. Her mom and brother have lieved in Atlanta for 10 years. But she has a boyfriend and is studying and working here in Chile. The thing about cafes in other countries is the people there like to talk. About anything. Especially when I come at the quietest hours. This is going to be the best way to practice my Spanish because I don’t feel rushed in what I want to say and she helps me say the phrase right. and for this I am ever grateful.

Someday…I’m going to open a cafe, learn common phrases in many languages, have my menu in multiple “alphabets,” and advertise in a variety of countries. Because I want visitors in my city, wherever I am, to feel at home, like I have in the countries I have lived and visited. Even when seasoned travelers are on the road a simple comfort could be being able to read a menu in a familiar language on a coffee break from seeing the sites. Java House in Kenya. Dozens of cafes (especially Cafe Muse) in Korea. And now Deleitte in Chile.

Great English workshop this afternoon. We played a fun clean version of Never Have I Ever…

Tuesday May 7th
Baby you gotta get to me…new music from Lady A called “Get to Me.” Amazing.

Split the 6th grade A class today, had to review the months and ordinal numbers for their test. Fun lesson and they were so well-behaved. So impressed. I have this weird way to get the students to be quiet…maybe not for the whole class, but the initial welcome and most of the time…Sometimes I shock myself. Out at 2…my how I love my Tuesday afternoons…lovely warm run in the sun!

So I must say something about the windows in the bathrooms. Most homes have windows in the bathrooms because the water is heated by a gas boiler thing, therefore if there’s a gas leak and the window is open I won’t suffocate. However, my window is not exactly at a decent height. Thank goodness my bathroom is on the second floor! During my shower this evening, I had a clear view of the sunset between the mountains…gorgeous. At night sometimes the batteries get really cold so I have to go outside and flip the switch a few times to warm up the batteries so I can have hot water; my host mom told me I could shower at night if I didn’t want to do that, but I don’t mind…

Wednesday May 8th

As a part of the English Opens Doors Program we are required to conduct extra-curricular activities. On Mondays, I hold a conversation class and on Wednesdays I have started a yoga class. Today was my first yoga class! It went so well and I had about 5 7/8 graders and 8 HS students- which is a great turn out for my tiny space and other club involvement! The girls had so much fun and were excited about the following weeks! Yay!!! 🙂

Thursday May 9th
Teacher…your eyes look brighter with that sweater! Awww…

Awesome day of split classes…review of the months, ordinal numbers, and days of the week for 6th graders, and directions and places around town for my 5th graders! They told my co- teacher they wished they could have English class allll day! 🙂

Tonight’s run was crisp…like Fall weather in Nebraska. It was hazy out and covered my usual mountain view…

Yesterday, Mom emailed me about her receiving the Master Teacher award…so proud of her. My mother is amazing…and she is the one of the most dedicated people I know…in everything she does…her family, school, and extra-curricular activities. Love you Mom!

I got my “U”

my classroom is HUGE- I’m spoiled! 

need to decorate!

mountain view outside window…
sometimes it’s so distracting!

I found a Natural Medicine Dr. Office-
Acupuncture and Chiropractor
Now I just need to go…

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