When the rain clouds lift…

Friday May 3rd

Today was the second day of classes alone. I couldn’t get the students to be quiet. Took four names down to let my head teacher know. So frustrating. At one point for a brief moment I caught myself staring out the window…the rain clouds had lifted, revealing an ice blue sky against the snow capped Andes with gray misty clouds hovering at their base. Breathtaking.

Pictures of the Andes view from my neighborhood…

neighborhood view

right outside my doorstep!

In another class we covered the question “Where are you going?” We are teaching directions and places around town to 5th graders. We had made a list of places around town so that when we went around the room to practice the words were there and they just had to complete the phrase, “I’m going to the…” One kid asks me if he can say something not on the list and of course I say “sure.” Then he responds. I’m going to the Starbucks.” I gave him a high-five. TGIF.

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