The Boy and the Rubik’s Cube

Cloudy mountain view morning run. Cafe delicious coffee and Skype with Brit. I love my Monday mornings free. It helps me decompress before another busy week and to have a few minutes while everyone else has begun their day is a relished pleasure.

Enter teacher’s lounge…I somewhat asked the fellow teachers how their weekends were and what they did in Spanish…I think they got the gist and responded. One of the most frustrating things is being able to understand, but not being able to produce my own thoughts in their language.

Today in 6A, the students gave “Preference” presentations. I sat near the front amongst the students. During the presentations I wrote down and gave comments to them…always a positive first, then what they can work on. Overall…so impressed. Students’ are amazing. Their capabilities, to give a presentation about their favorite things, what they can and can’t do, and a bit about themselves, astound me. About halfway through the presentations a boy taps me on the shoulder and says “Miss, pick a color.” He shows me a Rubik’s cube. I say “Orange,” and watch in fascination as he completes a perfect cube in a minute flat (give or take!) “Another color?” Blue. And again he completes this. Maybe I should have told him to put it away and pay attention, but how could I scold when he was so excited to show me his trick? And soon all colors were complete and he had the biggest smile ever!

Found an awesome ESL Conversation list site today. ( I chose two topics, hoping they would work for giving my English Workshop (taller in Spanish). My head teacher really liked them, so we decided to use “Let’s Talk About 3 Things.” 7th and 8th graders have the workshop first, followed by freshman through seniors. We had so much fun! I taught them the phrase “Wanna.” For example, “What do you wanna do right now?” They caught on fast. Student- I wanna eat chocolate. Another- I wanna be with my boyfriend. Yet another…I wanna see my niece. And another…I wanna go to the beach. Their favorite cities? London (One Direction), Paris (Love), and Stratford, Canada (Justin Beiber’s birthplace)…oh yes…and I got strange looks when I said I wanted to go to Buenos Aires to eat gelato and dance tango! 🙂

After school, I went with my friend Catalina to observe one of her University classes. It was fun to see how people don’t really differ that much…especially in a classroom environment. You always have the students waiting outside for class to start, the ones that always participate, the ones that never participate even when you call on them, the cellphones ringing, the students who come in 10 minutes before class ends, and the ones that stay after for help… it’s rather amusing…
The class lasted just over an hour then I took my FIRST Micro (by myself at that!) back to Las Pircas, where I reside. (#2 or #3 goes to Rancagua Centre then all the way through to Machali on the Alameda.)

Cheers to Mondays.

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