April 27th, 2013. What started as an assumed weekend in the city of Santiago, turned out to be a weekend in the country…and so much more than I bargained for. Quiet neighborhoods, a Saturday late night BBQ, views of the hills leading to the Andes on a Sunday afternoon drive, a quaint cafe for an afternoon bebida, , an afternoon stroll, delicious Chilean food…and the sweetest family! A weekend of Spanish swirling in my head…but full of laughter and smiles….My host mom goes to Colina on the weekends to visit her parents, brothers, and sisters. This weekend I was invited to join her. We had to stop a clinic in Santiago for a quick check up for her son (he had hurt his toe last weekend). Then I thought we were heading into a different part of the city, until we started turning and twisting further from the city limits. We arrived to this country town in mid-afternoon. Isn’t it beautiful?

Statue in the Plaza

View around the Plaza


Mountain view between houses

Botilleria…just a place in the neighborhood to buy wine and beer

Driving through the Hills…

“Hauso” Country!

yep…they’re riding on the bike path…

my lovely host mom! she’s so fun!

Pueblo de Esmeralda…

Mi casa es su casa…love.


our cafe view…

my host mom and her dad

the quaint cafe for an afternoon “bebida”…we drank Sprite.

Tomates son baratos!!!

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