March 21-31st, 2013

Easter sibling pic!
March 21st

Snowy in Lincoln…driving scares me, but I went slow and finally made it to Omaha. Luckily there is no snow here! My dear friend Ann and I met for coffee…Nebraska, Korea, Nebraska, who knows what city we will meet in next! It was good to catch up and as always exchange stories and thoughts about life back home. What a delightful morning!

Met Liz and her friend from California to get our nails done. Pretty nails and toes; it was relaxing and fun to chat with her and her sweet friend! Rehearsal at the church tonight and a fun girls’ evening in at her mother’s. 

Two weeks from today I will be boarding a plane to Santiago. Oh my goodness!!! 🙂

March 22

I was reading my devotion for today… 1 Thessalonians 5:18.

In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

Today I must be thankful for my broken car. For if I didn’t have something to rely on God for, to cling to His strength, then my day would be incomplete. My anxiety over driving and being in a car is a constant reminder that He will protect me. He will ultimately bring me safely from Point A to Point B. I am also thankful for my grandparents help in this situation.

Tomorrow my dear friend gets married…yesterday the rehearsal went very well and the girls’ evening in hosted by her mother was so much fun!

Liz and Austin

the soon to be bride!

Beautiful Bridesmaids and Liz

my new friend Christieanne!

delicious food~

March 23

FABULOUS Wedding Day!!! Congratulations to Austin and Liz Beber; you are a beautiful couple and I wish you all the happiness and love in the world! I had the best time dancing and singing at the reception!

March 24

Mandy made us breakfast today! So yummy- blueberry pancakes and turkey sausage! It was Jeremy’s birthday. Hung out and had lunch at Panera with Lori. I headed home after a fun filled week and a half. Despite a hectic interstate I made it! Yay for wine and leftover pasta dinner watching The Blindside on my couch this Sunday evening.

March 25

Happiest Birthday to my dear friend Sarah! Wishing you a wonderful day on the coast!

This is the start to my last full week in the states. Eeek! Spin class and an hour long walk and talk with Angie. A much needed catch up! 🙂 Off to lunch with another dear friend and then back home to finish unpacking, do laundry, and start sorting out my things to pack back up! More wine and leftover pasta, and an episode of The Big Bang Theory and Rules of Engagement. Quick skype with the lovely Brit. Love laughing at the end of a busy day!

March 26

Great interval training today, 8:14 mile, killer ab workout and heavier weights for my shoulders and back. Hope I can find a gym or weights somewhere in Chile so my hard work doesn’t go out the window…Last Tuesday getting groceries with Dad. Quick trip to Target in Kearney too. Back home and sorting out my to do list.

March 27 

Received my placement today!!! YAY! Región de Libertador General Bernardo O’Higgins. It’s right in the middle. So excited! I know nothing else, so I booked my hostel for Friday to Saturday night just to have some place to stay. Google it. It looks beautiful…could be coastal or mountain town, the weather is supposedly a Mediterranean climate, so not too hot or cold…though winters anywhere are probably somewhat chillier than I’d like…oh well! Having 2 winters in one year is kinda cool to say.

Gave a “Career” presentation today for a group of middle schoolers. I spoke of college, post college jobs, teaching abroad, and travelings. I think it went really well and I had so much fun speaking about something that I’m so passionate about! They asked intelligent questions…very impressed at this group of kids.

Tonight Angie and I are going to a church speaker. I’m excited to hang out with her before I depart.

The worship service was amazing…singing and a great speaker who spoke of being more aware of God’s presence wherever you are…He is Everywhere. Do you feel anything? He spoke of his recent revival week in Mexico and how so many were healed…and how so many felt God for the first time. When I walked out of the church that night there was this overwhelming calmness that could be described as an eerie peace…where I didn’t know if the peace, calm, and lack of a knotted stomach was real. But it was.

I love this verse in “One Thing Remains:”
Your love never fails
Never gives up
Never runs out on me

March 28th

Mom and I head to Omaha this afternoon to pick up Timmie for Easter weekend. It will be so nice to have the whole family together one more weekend before I leave the country and Timmie goes back to school.

March 29th

Last spin class today at the Y! 😦 I said my good byes…gonna miss that class!

After one week…I will be landing in Santiago. I’m so excited! I still don’t have any orientation information or further information regarding anything really. All I know is I land around 9:30 a.m. on Friday. Central time…I will be ahead 3 hours. So 6:30 a.m. your time. And I’m staying at this super cute hostel with bikes and tours. And…their breakfast looks amazing! Don’t worry they have wifi so I’ll keep ya’ll posted when I arrive…I won’t have a phone or an address for a bit.

My thoughts today…I keep translating what I’m rehearsing to say to taxi drivers in Korean instead of Spanish. I’m dead serious. I’m talking to myself as always and I keep saying 아니. Megan, the Spanish translation of the word no, is…no. Then I’m saying “yes” and all that comes out is 네…Si. Forget counting…I’m having market day flashblacks of saying 한 개, 주세요. (“One, Please”)…So now I have simple Korean, a medium level of Spanish, and fluent English buzzing in my head!

I’m going to try really hard not to say 감사합니다, 안녕히 가세요…thank you, good-bye…gracias, adios.

Whole family home tonight. Paninis and Bonfire. And Shrek.

March 30th

All packed up. 1 suitcase. 47lbs (ish) and 1 backpack. Goal accomplished. Far cry from my two 50lb bags and still throwing things out at the airport. Printed out documents and hostel directions.

Quality family time…even though there are tense moments at times I still love my family. They’re pretty great!

Margaritas and quesadillas tonight…delish! And The Big Bang Theory that somehow our whole family got addicted to.

March 31st

Happy Happy Birthday to my dear cousins Jodi and Allison! love you both so much!

Sunrise service at church. Back home for a yummy breakfast lasagna that Timmie and I put together. On the road to Omaha to have Easter dinner with the rest of the Jacobsen clan. Wonderful time spent with the family. Said good-byes to Mom, Dad, Abby, and Jake. Timmie leaves tomorrow to go back to St. Louis.

Tonight, Grandma, Timmie, and I are going to Silver Linings Playbook.

Happy Easter!!!! Christ has RISEN… love this post. Goosebumps.

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