Coffee should be Black as Hell; Strong as Death; and Sweet as Love~ Turkish Proverb

I was watching “She’s outta my league” and this Sara Bareilles song came on….”There’s too many sunsets I haven’t seen….there’s too many things I haven’t done yet…but how far do I have to go to get to you…Many the miles…”

November 20

Received more Chile information today. Have to write a letter to my host family describing my family, hobbies, interests, etc. In Spanish. Found out the visa fee is waived. Saves me approximately $500. Much paperwork still left to do. Going through old boxes today I found all my college Spanish vocab note cards and a textbook…perfect timing to start refreshing my mind!

Training day of 10 miles. Time of 1 hour and 37 minutes. And yes I coaxed myself at about mile 8 to just keep running and not stop! Beautiful run day…60 degrees. Soaking up that sun in shorts and t-shirt before the snow falls! Thought about all the Spanish words I could say, rocked out to some good jams, contemplated the next few weeks…so many thoughts running through my head…

November 24

There’s something that makes me feel sexy about drinking an ice-cold beer in a hot shower. Needed the house to myself after a fun-filled, laughter highlighted weekend with my mom and sisters. Sunset run once we got home. Yum. Leftover enchilada and beer. Soundtrack of the Weeked and mumble of the t.v. in the background. Gotta fill up the quiet house with a bit of background noise to accompany my thoughts. I was thinking in the shower…and maybe this sounds a bit Sex and the City episod(ish)…but I wonder if people think they’re sexy alone? Like do we really have to have a guy or (a girl) around to make us feel sexy? Do we do “sexy” things for ourselves? I hope you do. 🙂

In reflection of Thanksgiving I’m thankful for…

my sisters
my brother
my mom
my dad
my whole family…grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins…
friends all over the world
my kiddos in Korea who made me laugh on the toughest days- gosh I miss ’em
upcoming adventures

December 14
oh wow…it’s been a while since I have made a post…

Ran 17 miles the other day amazing feeling… Farthest I’ve ever run. Jammed out and just focused. Ran on the Rock Island Trail through Lincoln… Pretty peaceful trail. The last few days I spent at a good friend’s house with her and her husband. Their house is so homey, and it was wonderful just to help around the house, paint, make morning coffee, workout, bake, make dinner, and just hang out. One night three of us girls to got dinner and nice drinks and a second night played Scattergories. Another best friend of mine that I hadn’t seen it over a year came over for dinner one night. It was so good to have both friends together. Yesterday I spent the night at Grandma’s; my cousin came over to bake cookies all afternoon!

Arrived at the airport at 6:00 am to board a 7:05 flight to St Louis for a visit with Timmie. Gorgeous morning sunrise as the plane floats over the clouds. Reflecting on the past week or so. Crafted my sisters’ Christmas gifts which I am soo excited about!! Took an online mini course to get certified in Teaching kids ESL… Aced it! Awesome feedback on my lesson plans and other assignments. I know more than ever I can reach kids (and perhaps adults) in (underdeveloped) areas of the world… I can encourage their abilities and intelligence that others don’t recognize or put to shame. Like my kiddos in SK that teachers scolded or thought they couldn’t learn the material. I knew they could. 
“I cry just a little when I think of letting go…” Giving up the life I want to have so desperately… To meet someone amazing and get a condo in the city and eat breakfast together and go on bike rides or to the beach on Saturdays; to go somewhere a little less easy on the mind. But to know the challenges to know His will is being fulfilled and I will know a deeper love than I can imagine… I need to have this as my ultimate goal even though it’s a constant struggle when my best friends have the life I imagined myself having at this age. It’s not about being patient and waiting for the things I want..It’s about me living for Him and His plan and not waiting for something to happen on the sidelines. It’s about going places, meeting people, praising this glorious world He created, seeing His glory in the darkest places farthest from any comfort I’m used to. Seeing the beauty in those the world thinks less of and loving every race and kind. 
I am absolutely loving being home this holiday season. To be able to be surrounded by family and friends, to celebrate the joy and peace brought to us so long ago. To fully enjoy the blessings He has given. To share laughter and memories and catch up on life. It’s truly amazing to have the child-like giddiness of being home this year!

Flo-Rida “I cry”

Justin Beiber “Home This Christmas”

Blake Shelton and Michael Buble “Home, Christmas version”

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