"Old School"

Sunday November 4

Daylight savings time sleepy Sunday. Reading paper and laughing at comics. Sipping my coffee and enjoying my oatmeal. Word jumble answer without doing the puzzle. Making chili and listening to some Jason Aldean and other country artists on Pandora. Back to the paper and came across this article.

Isn’t it sad? That a major challenge faced of a power outage is no t.v? And heaven forbid there was talking! Really?! Though I’m not shocked, it’s pathetic. Do these people even know problems? No. I have seen too much not too be sickened. Talking. People don’t know how to converse anymore. I see it. There’s nothing to hear. People are engrossed in pixelated  images and don’t know reality outside that big screen. Maybe it’s just sad that this one lady wanted to portray herself as someone who couldn’t survive without a t.v…but will thousands or millions nod their heads in agreement? Please name one thing you can survive without. I hope t.v. is on your list. Perhaps there are thousands who can agree with me? Or maybe I am just a little “Old School” in my ways.

Tuesday November 6

Election Day. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0mmajhLKh8http://todayonthetrail.today.com/_news/2012/11/02/14885350-immigrants-voting-for-first-time-i-have-the-right-to-have-a-voice?lite&preview=true. Why do I vote?

I vote because it’s a privilege. It’s a right millions long to have. People who can’t vote want to…and some people who are able to vote don’t. Maybe I can’t fill in all my circles…I can at least vote for what I know to be true…and not just good for me…because maybe what I vote for I don’t necessarily agree with all of what he or she says or does…but I think about those in need those who my decision is going to affect. Maybe it’s not for the good of everyone, because nothing is perfect…maybe just maybe my vote will help out the majority. No matter what the outcome is determined to be…God is in control. Perhaps many feel suffering under this law. But I am not under the law. I obey the law, but the law does not define who I am. My trust is in God…He is in control, and Nothing that we suffer lasts forever if we believe in Him. So under Earth’s rulers, Presidents and other leaders, we must obey; but ultimately we obey God…and He will deliver us from any evil we may be under. I pray our leaders look to Him…

In my Bible Study, I came across this quote that gives me comfort to Trust and Obey. “I would rather suffer obediently than prosper disobediently because I know my disobedient prosperity is as temporary as my obedient suffering.” God is a God of grace and no matter our trials and tribulations He will always be there. He will never give us anything more than we cannot handle…without Him. We alone cannot handle anything…

Ten days til I turn 26. And in the past 10 days I’ve discovered a new appreciation for dryers, washers that don’t smell like mildew, bikes, peace and quiet, my gym, an oven, kitchen space, bathroom space, couches, an amazing shower, good food, good drinking water, good air, wide open spaces, Quality Face Time with Friends I haven’t seen in over a year…and I’m sure a million things I haven’t mentioned… I know I’m going to grow and learn even more in the next year..ah 26. I’m so excited!

***Food blog to come..I AM learning how to cook!!!***

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