Have you ever tried a Tim-Tam Slam?

Friday September 14th

Today’s post is dedicated to the lovely Taryn who introduced Brit and I to the Tim-Tam Slam. The immediate reaction afterwards: Oh. My. Gosh. (It pretty much makes the top 5 list of best sensations in your mouth.) For those of you who don’t know what a Tim-Tam Slam is…well now I’m introducing you. See below for the photo diagram and step by step of how to do it.

1. buy the Tim-Tams

2. open the Tim-Tam package

4. bite opposite corners of Tim-Tam (fairly small)

5. use corner to suck hot liquid through (like a straw)
6. once hot liquid hits mouth- shove Tim-Tam into mouth
Slam it!
Feel it melt.
Oh. My. Gosh.
the best.

Third school today. This time just to sub in for the native teacher who had another appointment at another of her schools. Kids remember me from my subbing time in May. It was really fun today! No hangman! WHOHOO! Taught with my Director’s Assistant and she told me she really liked my teaching style so I could do whatever I wanted. Sweet. Surprise- I got to see my Gyedong co-teacher Ally who had been placed at Bugok…was so excited to see her! Day proceeds…kids had their books (amazing!), listened, etc. Then my Director’s Assistant paid me such a compliment: (the native teacher had returned from her appointment, at first I thought I would just be sitting there til finish time), she pulled me aside and said, Can you be the head teacher? I want her to watch your style of teaching and how you control the classroom. I want her to learn from you. (umm ok?!) It was really nice to hear that coming from her! I played three new games, kept control of the class, and in the end the native teacher was like wow, I’ve never heard of those games, and I can’t believe they listen to you…

background tunes as I blog: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rv1o6Em9P7I&feature=related

10 days of teaching left. #$*&$)(&$#)@. (insert non-stressed, but super excited/ ohmygoshihavesooomuchtodo moment) To-do list keeps growing. Literally have something to remember to do almost everyday til my last day.

SAMPLE TO DO LIST (it will probably be revised by the time I post this blog…but here’s a peak!):

15: Busan: Neil and Emily’s Birthday/last big group jam for me
16: Timmie’s Birthday/Jen Leaving
17: Pay bills, go to bank, transfer money, pay yoga, Lesson
18: Coffee with Director’s Assistant
19: Meredith’s Birthday/Lesson/Shabu- Shabu for Dinner
20: Hang out with Co-teachers
21: Talk to Director about final paycheck
22: Orphanage/Beach
23: Indian Brunch
24: Lesson
25: Go to Pension Office- (just as I had google mapped the directions to the Gimhae office I found out I had to go to Changwon- so maybe I’ll do this the same day as the bus ticket)
26: Go to Changwon to get midnight bus ticket for INC/Lesson
27: Last Lesson/Finish packing to drop off big suitcases at friend’s. I’m only taking a carry-on to Boracay. (talk about minimal packing for 20 days…umm swimsuits and dresses?)
28: Last day of Teaching!
29: Clean
30: Turn in key

And I’ve been in “I have to fit in a bikini for Boracay” mode so have been running more consistently and adding in other exercises, yoga everyday-sometimes twice plus trying to really watch what I eat- (and of course whenever I fully commit to that is when I start craving hamburgers, souffles, pies, sangria, chocolate in double portions…), writing essays, and gathering things up to pack! I love having a packed schedule. It keeps me on task..tasks now become crucial- you-can’t-miss-this-deadline, that I begin to be more specific on when I actually have to get my butt into gear!

I’ve decided I’m going to the Pension Office by myself. I google mapped it- and have the address in Korean if I get lost. I also research all the documents I need to fill out a Pension form. I really don’t need to bother my director at this time especially when I am perfectly capable of getting from Point A to B, maybe a couple detours in between. I feel this is quite an accomplishment that I am able to do this, though I’m sure it will be an adventure. Story to follow.

September 16th

Happy Birthday to my lovely sister today!!! Cheers to a fabulous year!

Ugh. I woke up yesterday with a sore throat. As my dear friend puts it, “it’s time to come home.” Hoping to kick it in the butt asap! Today I have basically just been sleeping. Though I did have to say good-bye to a dear friend who is heading back to the states for a month. She is getting MARRIED on Saturday! I could not be more thrilled for her and her fiance!!! They are an amazing couple and have endured so much together already…so inspiring to all. Their wedding will be next August and I cannot wait to attend! I’ll get to see her for a bit in October when she returns from the states and I return from vacation.

Another typhoon is hitting Korea. It’s been raining all day. Strong winds and stronger rains are supposed to roll in tomorrow morning. And word just in: I don’t have school. Category 3 Typhoon to hit mid-Monday morning.

September 18th

this was my survival food for the

Typhoon day yesterday (Monday) ended up being a rainy morning, followed by no rain and a slight breeze except for a few heavy gusts that blew a couple signs and branches around…nothing stronger than a regular Nebraska day again. Met up with some friends at a cafe and was able to skype a friend that’s in Nepal doing volunteer work on a farm- to put it in most basic terms until I hear the details and stories in full. It was so good to see her!!! Had an amazing yoga class. My yoga teacher is so sweet…I paid for the rest of the month and she only charged me half price. I bought some mint and Korean tea to bring home.

Woke up this morning (Tuesday) to cool weather, no rain, no wind, and no humidity. It was glorious running! So thankful for the beautiful sunrise and ability to run. Blessed in so many ways.

9 teachings days. Had a small tear session last night…am really going to miss my friends here in Korea, and my cafe, and my yoga…but so torn with indescribable anticipation and excitement to go home. Vacation in exactly 2 weeks. 2 weeks I will be boarding the late night bus for Seoul to board a plane the next day for Boracay. I.Can’t.Wait!

Cheers to One Year to Brit, Sarah, and I…
How did we survive all those crazy weeks you ask?
Wednesday Wine Nights.
Bottle half off? Get two.
Yep. 30 plus bottles…this does not include the nights we had sangria, soju slushies, accidently threw a bottle or two away…or decided to have hot chocolate… 🙂
Love you ladies…could not have done this year without you…so many hysterical laughs and unforgettable memories!

Tuesday September 18th

Quote #1:
The look on the kids’ faces when they realized my eyes were different colored. (or maybe because I was wearing makeup and they looked different?) “Teacher…your eyes, different colored than mine!” I had to chuckle a bit…dear kids, it’s been over 6 months- you’re just noticing??! Oh my goodness and they noticed sooo many other things!

Quote #2:
I’m slowly losing my voice again. And by the 5th class I could barely speak with still one class to go so I couldn’t get them to pay attention like I normally can; instead I just stood at the front with a frown on my face. And one of the kid’s raises his hand and says, “Teacher, please. please,…smile!” I couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

Had a wonderful evening with my Director’s Assistant, Ahram. She is so lovely. She bought me tea and we sat and chatted about non-work stuff for a few hours. She told me that I have improved so much and that my first co-teachers didn’t think I would make it a full year, but since then I’ve become such a good teacher that that was the reason why Mr. Choii and I sent you to Bugok because we knew that you would do a great job with the kids while the other teacher was gone. (awwwww, I guess I didn’t realize they thought of me like that…it’s nice to hear words of appreciation especially coming from your foreign director.) Over the year I was able to improve my skills and use this as a opportunity to grow.

Saturday September 22nd

Scatterbrained mess right now. Started the day off going to acupuncture and skyping a friend. Met Brit and Alli to go to the orphanage. Had coffee first. Last Saturday at the orphanage…tried to block the emotion running through my head…held it together. Lovely day at the park with some of the kids… Went to dinner at a old-time market back alley restaurant. So delicious. The lady made the noodles in front of us then cooked them into a soup. Went shoe shopping- new marathon training shoes. Now sipping on grapefruit tea from my cafe. Supposed to go to the beach tonight, but still am sick and my friend is tired. Sweet friend that she is, she may be taking me to the Changwon bus terminal when I depart for Seoul. Contemplating the day with my new favorite music… Chillstep. Moodscape Spa Relaxation. and Chillout/Relax mixes.

can’t get enough of this stuff right now. 

Reflecting the week- excellent Shabu Shabu with friends on Wednesday, wonderful dinner and cafe with co-teachers on Thursday (Jen gave me her filled up DropTop card and I had one too, ironically before the cafe was chosen I offered to pay for coffee…then they chose that cafe and I only had to pay for my own peppermint tea.) Friday- lost my voice for the third day in a row while teaching- have been “pounding” the tea, and trying to rest…but only FIVE more teaching days…cannot believe it.

Tuesday morning

love the sunrise

child clinging to an IV pole…just strolling down the street
Gimhae classroom

am I a bad teacher if I just let them fight it out?
they’re laughing and screeching…
I’m sure it’s fine…

“they can’t come back in…”

Dana…what a girl with attitude!

Friday sunrise


laying in the massage bed and I had this little visitor…

she brought over her book…

back alley noodle place

rolling out the dough

Brit and I
Thanks, Chad!

sweetest lady!

3,000 won noodles…they used to be 800 won…
when the shop opened 17 years ago

Batman doing Gangnam Style…
on a pair of socks….

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