Ally and I

August 28th
Typhoon. Day off from school. Lazy morning. French toast and fruit. And then…wine and friends.
Opening my emails this morning and came across one from a friend- a devotional for the week. Gratitude. Being thankful for each circumstance, for every gift, staying content with what I have been given and able to experience. I know I get caught up in wanting more. Wanting more “me” time, wanting more travel, wanting more education, wanting more responsibilities, wanting more accessories…the list goes on and on. Why can’t  I be satisfied with what’s in front of me? Is it the pressures of society telling me I deserve more or need more in order to be happy? Is it constantly comparing myself to what others’ have…including both material items and accomplishments…and wishing I had the same as them? Is it the wondering what life would be like if I did have more money? The reality is that I have so much more that I deserve or could ever dream of having. I am rich in love, friendship, respect, honesty, hope, dreams, motivation, a sound mind…a home, a good job, vacation time, a bachelor’s degree, abroad experiences, accomplished goals, etc. My excuses that I don’t have enough or need more are put to shame. Absolute shame. I have enough for me. I shouldn’t compare to what other’s have or even don’t have. Who am I to measure what is enough for each of us?
A one day devotional about gratitude…it should be an everyday mindset. Being thankful. Everyday. Not just when I’m reminded to be grateful in an email…in the morning sunrise, when I eat, when I interact with people…all the time…teaching, running, reading, writing, listening, speaking, sleeping, eating…at all times. I know I take all these for granted when I should be constantly giving thanks. 
For the next month I’m going to list 10 people/things I am thankful for…that’s 10×30=300. 300 people and things…
On Prayer…
Why don’t we pray as often as we should? Why aren’t we in constant communication with our God?
I make up excuses…I’m too tired, God doesn’t want to hear this again, ignorance, forgetting, drifting thoughts when I do pray…
Lately I’ve been running without my headphones. It started when the rainy season began and I almost got caught in a downpour with my ipod. So not cool. If the sky even has one dark cloud in it I wouldn’t even think about bringing my ipod on my run. But now… it’s become my time with God…at least my attempt…especially when I run in the early mornings, I am so lucky with the beautiful peaceful quiet time…it’s almost magical. The sunrise, the birds, the crickets, the roosters, quiet hum of passing cars few and far between…the perfect time to give thanks…and praise…and pour my heart out, as I pound the pavement.
Last September I started praying before I teach…when I first started teaching I would have major anxiety…almost to the point of getting myself sick…and definitely to the point of shaking. I guess I’ve been praying before I teach for almost a whole year…maybe not everyday, but most days. For… peace. patience. right words. laughter. attentive kids. a smooth class with my co-teachers (both old and new)
Don’t remember who I was talking with this…perhaps a friend in Nebraska or my friend in Arizona…about being closer to God in tougher more unstable times…clinging to Him for all hope; but in the good times, just letting his presence slip away. My prayers were deeper, more reflective during my first few months of being in Korea; as I became more comfortable, more certain, more stable they are “flitty…” I don’t want my prayers to become so nonchalant and almost unnecessary…because it’s the way I communicate with my Savior, my Heavenly Father…how could I lower the importance of prayer just by the circumstances I’m in?

August 29th

Second to last teaching day in Jangyu…a few tears fell in my first class as my co-teacher translated that I would be leaving. Normal afternoon…cafe that night for Sarah’s last “wine night”. Dear sweet cafe lady made us chocolate banana shakes at my request. Yay! I am working on cards to give my kiddos on Friday…it will be a bittersweet moment…

August 30th

More gusty winds turned off the power in the Gimhae schools so we got to go home early. Finished my kids’ cards…I’m really excited that they turned out so cute! I’m gearing up for my last day in Gyedong. Just got off the phone with my co-teacher and we both said how teary-eyed we will be…I’m really going to miss her!

Read this verse from a friend:
Take your everyday, ordinary life—your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking-around life—and place it before God as an offering. Embracing what God does for you is the best thing you can do for him. Don’t become so well-adjusted to your culture that you fit into it without even thinking. Instead, fix your attention on God. You’ll be changed from the inside out. Readily recognize what he wants from you, and quickly respond to it. Unlike the culture around you, always dragging you down to its level of immaturity, God brings the best out of you, develops well-formed maturity in you.


That night Brit and I made Sarah’s going away gift…a picture of all of us at the “After One Week” Cherry Blossom Festival in Jinhae, we matted it in a map of Korea and put it in a frame…see below! It was my second thing I’ve done off Pinterest– how cute! 🙂

cracks me up every time…poster outside my classroom…can you read it?Left Side:the root of the hair
the back of the hand
the fleshy inside of the thigh
Right Side:eardrum

makin’ my cards with a chocolate banana shake…

handmade cards! I didn’t have enough of the others…

Brit and I with Sarah’s picture frame

August 31st
sunshine. morning run. yoga. iced-Americano. sweet friends. smiling kiddos. and faith knowing God has another adventure planned just around the corner…all equals the strength to make it through one tough day ahead. ♥

Last day at Gyedong Elementary School with my co-teacher Ally. Didn’t teach today, only a few hours at school…gave the kids their cards I made, took some super cute pictures, gave dozens of hugs and high-fives, and then they were gone. All my kids showed up to get their cards! My co-teacher had passed around some paper for the kids to write and draw on. The kids wrote the cutest things. “Good-buy Megun techer.” “I love you.” “Thank you for teaching me.” “I will be sad.” “I will miss you.”

It happened so fast I didn’t even have time to reflect and cry. I know the tears will eventually pour; now I’m just still in shock knowing I won’t be going to that classroom with those kids anymore…maybe Monday morning it will hit me harder. Nice afternoon at Duomo coffee shop with my co-teacher. So much fun, just chatting and talking about teaching and the kids, and laughing at our memories. It was delightful. She told me I was a warm-hearted American, unlike the other Americans she had met before. Such nice things to hear. She had never seen a teacher give out cards or make cards for the kids and thought it was really sweet I made her one too. *Heart-melt*

Anna and Cindy


my crazy kids

aww…”Megan-teacher we will miss you!”

Gina and Tanya!

Amy and Rose (she came to say bye!)


Love this picture!


my girls are all-grown up since Day 1

ordering from an ipad!

yummy cookies and cream frappe!
afternoon treat with Ally

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